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  • The October 3, 2006 issue of The Christian Century is devoted to our prison system, and includes a piece by Troy called, “Partners in the Gospel” about the prison ministry in which he is involved at Standish. To read Troy's article and others about the prison system, click here.

  • The June 9, 2005 issue of USA Today has a front-page story entitled, "After Years in Solitary, Freedom Hard to Grasp: Ex-Cons Face Long Odds on Release From Isolation." It reviews how difficult it is for prisoners to re-enter society especially for those who have been in solitary confinement - a number which has greatly increased in recent years.

    The article makes reference to government efforts to help released felons adjust to freedom when the Clinton administration in 1999 formed "re-entry courts" to help thousands of felons each year get housing, jobs, and mental health services. What about the promotion of "re-entry churches."

    One inmate commented about the nature of his re-entry: "It was like being released to a dark room, knowing that there are steps in front of you and waiting to fall." (USA Today, June 9, 2005, p.2A, under the sub-section "Released into the unknown")