Professor Joel Adams' General Course Policies At Calvin College

Late Work Policy: Each exercise and project will have a Due date associated with it. This is the date by which you should submit your work in order to avoid falling behind in the course.

If you do not submit your work by the due date, no penalty will be assessed provided you submit it before the graded work is handed back. If you do not submit your work before the graded work has been handed back, your work will not be accepted. You should make every effort to submit your work on time.

No work will be accepted after the last day of classes.

An Incomplete (I) grade will be granted only in unusual circumstances, and only if those circumstances have been verified by the Student Life Office. Procrastination does not qualify as an unusual circumstance.

Honesty. Laboratory exercises are collaborative work, meaning that you are free to discuss and look at another person's work. Tests, homework assignments, and projects are to be done individually, and must consist of your own original work. Submitting the work of one of your classmate's as your own (even with their knowledge) is academic fraud; and any detected duplication of work will be dealt with in accordance with Calvin's policies on Academic Honesty. Likewise, giving another person your work to submit as their own constitutes academic fraud and may result in a failing grade (F) for both parties.

Preparation. As shown in your course syllabus, the lectures are associated with readings from the course text. You may also have to access readings from the Internet; when you need information that is not in one of your texts, search for it there.

The readings and lectures are designed to reinforce one another. You are expected to read the material in the text as it is being covered in the lectures, make notes on any questions you have concerning that material, and raise those questions in class. If you study consistently, on a day-by-day basis, you will find that your preparation for the tests will be simply a matter of reviewing material that you already understand.

For lab courses, you should strive to read over each lab exercise the day or night before we will be doing it, so that you do not come into the lab "cold". Otherwise, you will be wasting the time of your teammates, and you (as a team) may have difficulty finishing the exercise in the allotted time.

In general, you should expect to spend at least 2 hours outside of class for every hour you spend in class, in reading, finishing up your labs, completing lab reports, projects, and/or other assignments.

If you do not keep abreast of the material, you will quickly find yourself lost and struggling. If you are in the habit of preparing for tests solely by "cramming" the night before, make every effort to break this habit, as this course simply contains too much material for you to do well.

Classroom Dynamics: Please feel free to ask questions when something is unclear.

The only stupid question is the one not asked.
If you have a question, the odds are good that someone else does too! So when something doesn't make sense, please ask a question. By doing so, you can help resolve everyone's confusion.

Disabilities: Calvin College is committed to providing access to all students. If you are a student with a documented disability, please notify a disability coordinator in the Center for Student Success (located in Spoelhof College Center 360). If you have an accommodation memo, please come talk to me in the first two weeks of class.

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