Analytics - Help from ClickZ in making the most of Clicktracks

I was reading some backed up ClickZ articles this afternoon (as it seems to be one of the few things my cold infested head can get motivated to do) and I’m finding myself particularly intrigued by all the analytics articles.  Maybe our upcoming implementation of Clicktracks has something to do with that? Some of these things I’ve emailed around before but, I thought i might post my favorites here for future perusing, reference, and group comment as we work toward the implementation of Clicktracks.

I even think it would be very worth our collective time to have everyone involved in the Clicktracks training read these before we have our training sessions that Matt just booked. In all, i think we are poised to make good use of the software. The biggest challenge will be for us all to make enough room in our jobs to do the ongoing analysis as these articles suggest. Maybe my posting questions here will get us one step closer?

I’ve decided to break these into 3 chunks—starting with On preparing to install analytics and On Setup to ensure good data and will follow later with On using analytics and finally On converting Goals into measurements and On Reporting What we are learning.

So, then…


Posted by Steve Ruis on Wednesday, March 15, 2006
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