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The Re-launch of Calvin.Edu

Who’s Who

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

We (Matt Jeltema, Luke Robinson and Phil de Haan) are working with a good group of people as we think about what Calvin’s Web site might look like in the future.  In fact I joined the project a little late and still feel like I’m catching up with an amazing amount of work that was done before my arrival!  Jeanne Nienhuis, the associate director of admissions and financial aid, led what had been called the Next Steps Committee and she did a great job putting this project in motion and setting a foundation and a framework for where we go from here.  So thanks Jeanne!

Other members of the committee are faculty members Keith VanderLinden from computer science, Steve VanderLeest from engineering and Kathi Groenendyk from communication arts and sciences, vice presidents Henry DeVries and Tom McWhertor, Jan Druyvesteyn from advancement, Steve Ruis from admissions, Joy’l VerHeul from student life and Jennifer Heeringa from information technology.

As my last post noted the RFPs have gone out and now we are starting to get some calls and emails from folks who received the packet.  So that’s exciting.  We’ll keep you posted as we proceed…

Phil de Haan, interim director of communications and marketing

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