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The Re-launch of Calvin.Edu

Frequently Asked Questions

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The RFP was sent out two weeks ago, and we’re eager to see proposals for this project next week. Several prospective partners asked some great and thoughtful questions, and we hope our answers will help to clarify some details. Please contact us if you have additional questions.

What is the project’s budget?

We’re serious about retaining a firm who can provide a user-experience study of the college’s Web site; however, budget will not be disclosed as part of the RFP process.

Are you expecting to include visual design and production in this first project phase?

We are requesting expert advice related to the user experience; this is part of Phase 1 of the larger Web project. Editorial services and design have been intentionally left off the scope of this RFP. If the partnership is productive and research warrants, design and production may be requested at a later date.

Are Web metrics and/or search logs available

Yes. General questions about site traffic for purposes of writing proposals will be answered as needed. Contact us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with your questions. The awarded partner will have full access to web analytics (ClickTracks) or logs.

How many authors do you have?

There are approximately 130 departmental webmasters currently in charge of their department’s content.

Do you have an in-house development team?

We have several in-house dedicated Web staff, but not a complete development team.

Is there any centralized guidance on what types of content can be added by distributed groups?

There are three guidance documents, all of which can be found via the Web Manager site:

Are you open to suggestions for changing your site search system?

We’re open to suggestions on almost anything, but that is beyond the assessment requested in this RFP.

Do you anticipate moving from this distributed model to a more centralized one?

We value and hope to maintain distributed authorship, but struggle with distributed content production, syndication, and ownership.

Does the re-architecture include an Intranet or other internal resources?

The management of internal resources is an opportunity for improvement and we hope this will be addressed in the research our selected partner conducts.

What proportion of your audience do distance learners make up? International distance learners?

Calvin does not offer a distance learning program.

Is there a CMS that you are currently looking at or favor?

A CMS will be addressed in subsequent phases of this project and are not covered in this RFP.

Will you take care of content integration [into a CMS] in-house?

Content integration will likely be addressed in Phase 2 of the larger project.

Do you have preferences for user-centered design (UCD) methodologies?

We are open to many different methodologies and welcome your recommendations.

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