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The Re-launch of Calvin.Edu

Emerging trends in Web design

Friday, June 25, 2010

Trend spotting

Art in an Instant - Illumination, Spring 2010 - University of MissouriTwo days ago, I stumbled upon Illumination Magazine, Research at the University of Missouri, and found the website to be a wealth of inspiration.

Illumination is an bi-annual print and Web publication. What I find so inspiring is the level of art direction and interactivity the Missouri staff puts into each feature story. For example, I love the feature on Andy Warhol with its unique layout and interactive features.

Magazine + Blog = “Blogazine”

The emerging trend of blending blog post with magazine layout (as seen in Illumination) was labeled “blogazine” by SmashingMagazine in their post, “The death of the boring blog post?

UK designer Gregory Wood further builds a similar case in his post “Editorial design with Expression Engine.” At a recent EE conference, Gregory showed historical examples from the print industry alongside Web designers re-inventing what it means to publish online.

What do you want to see?

As I follow and watch these trends, along with emerging markets such as tablets (iPad) and smart phones, I dream about Calvin’s online publications. Could the trends seen in Illumination Magazine make their way into Calvin’s Spark, an online-only President’s Report, or the next college viewbook?

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