Friday, August 24, 2012

By Andrew Disselkoen

Presenting research results can be one of the biggest challenges in the social sciences, business, politics, and journalism.  Words are too often the typical medium, but many times written text does not succinctly display the findings.  Even if words can clearly describe a phenomenon, most individuals lack the motivation to read a full article.  Visualizations can captivate an audience.  Effective graphics synthesize information. That’s why visualization is so important!  When you have one chance to convey findings, visualizations can captivate attention and expose otherwise hidden observations neatly and effectively. 

As we embark on this visualization journey, look here to find helpful visualization tips and useful resources to make the most of any visualization project.  As with any skill, designing successful visuals takes practice.  Refining technique takes time, but I hope these resources will speed the learning process. 

Andy Disselkoen

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