Thursday, June 10, 2010

Your Leadership Sweet Spot: Henry DeVries

“Not all of you are going to be CEOs”

These words, part of Henry DeVries’ talk on finding your leadership sweet spot, reminded us that leadership isn’t all about being in charge. It’s not about status or power or title. It’s about service and influence. And it’s true—not all of us are called to be the Chief Executives of major corporations, but we are all called to do God’s work and praise Him in all we do. We are called to be servant-leaders.
Henry’s talk enlightened us to the idea of finding our “leadership sweet spot.” In tennis, the “sweet-spot” is the section of the racquet where your hit on the ball will be most effective. It has a distinctive “feel” to anyone who has played tennis for long enough to find it. We, as leaders, have a sweet spot too—a position where we are most effective. Whether that position is the front, middle or back is largely determined by how analytical, behavioral or emotional you tend to be. More so, though, your leadership sweet spot is determined by:

Where you most often find yourself
Where you are happiest
Where you are most effective
Where you feel most satisfied
And where you feel called to be

Over the next nine weeks, we are sure to learn a lot more about what it means to be an authentic Christian leader. I think that each member of the LCI would agree that Henry’s talk set a good groundwork and raises questions that can be prayed about, thought about and discussed the entire summer. “Where is my sweet spot?” many of us our asking ourselves now. Through our work, small group discussions and large group presentations, I’m sure we will begin to understand ourselves better as Christ-honoring servant leaders and discover where it is we are most effective.

On Wednesday evening, the LCI group went to Adams Falls in Grand Lake, a quaint town on the edge of Rocky Mountain National Park. In comparison to other hikes we’ve done recently, Adams Falls is short, but it’s certainly beautiful. The water raged heavily because of the recently melted snow in the high country and the sun setting behind the Rockies made it feel like we were walking in a living post card. The biologist in Henry DeVries came out in full force, teaching us about the different wild flowers and other plants of the area. Thank you Henry!

Another thank-you belongs to Henry (Calvin College, actually) for treating us to ice cream at Grand Lake Chocolates. It was delicious and the perfect end to a beautiful day. Grand Lake, we will be back!



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