Thursday, June 26, 2008

Deb and Randy Buursma Take 2: Emptying Ourselves

Week four of the Calvin LCI was concluded with a second helping of Deb and Randy Buursma’s wisdom. In the typical Buursma fashion of interactive and energetic learning, the Calvin Staff at Snow Mountain Ranch was encouraged to think about our listening skills as well as the effort involved in emptying ourselves before God. We were encouraged to think again about Jesus in Philippians 2:6-7.

We were urged, using this model of servant-leadership, to empty ourselves before God and humble ourselves as leaders. To empty ourselves, we learned, comes not as a spiritual discipline, but with a broken heart in need of healing.

On Saturday a large majority of the Calvin group, along with the Buursmas, spent most of the day in Denver. We went to the Denver zoo, walked around downtown and saw the Rockies smoke the Mets in a 7-1 victory. On Wednesday, we went to Winter Park to take advantage of their Alpine Slide and other activities. Overall, we had a fantastic two-week period. Almost everyone was able to take advantage of hikes, fires, meals and one-on-ones with the Buursmas.

Read on for a few pictures from the week.

Getting Jamba Juice on 16th Street Mall in Downtown Denver

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