Wednesday, June 29, 2005

mad adventures.

These days seem to go more quickly as we progress through the summer.  While all of us in the program seem to be adapting to our work environments with ease, we still find time to have fun on our days off.  In addition, the Colorado weather is finally warming up!  The weather decided to take a sudden turn for the best about two weeks ago.  I remember dodging through a hailstorm only two weeks ago—now it’s 75 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny almost every day.  With this enjoyable weather, we anticipated the day when we could go whitewater rafting.  Taking initiative, our amazing student leaders for the Leadership Challenge Institute, Kyle and Lydia, planned two trips to raft on Clear Creek.  One trip took place on June 22, and the majority of the Calvin group went on this date.  The other group, which I was a part of, went yesterday, June 28.  The rafting guides informed us that the rapids we were about to challenge consisted of class III and class IV’s.

After slipping into wetsuits and foot booties, life jackets, and splash-guards, we crammed into an 18 passenger van and drove a short distance to the creek.  Before departing, I was slightly confused as to why they called it Clear CREEK.  However, when we stood at the side of the creek, we quickly understood why.  It stood about as wide as four lanes of traffic at its widest part, and the water flowed fairly quickly.  Hearing a fair share of preliminary safety instructions, we headed down the chilly 38 degree water.  Through periods of intense rapids, our guide Paul shouted paddling commands.  He explained the unique names of each section of rapids:Cheerleader Rock, Big Horn drop, Mine Shaft.  As we battled the rapids, a huge grin never left any of our faces.  I had rafted a few times in the past, but these rapids blew all of those experiences out of the water.  Within two hours, our two boats ended the 12 mile section of Clear Creak, and we headed back to the main building of the rafting company.  I think that most of us would do it again in a heartbeat.  There is nothing quite like whitewater rafting class III and IV rapids, especially with a group like LCI. 

Posted by Jeremy V. on 06/29 at 06:15 PM
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