Wednesday, July 27, 2005

i love denver.

Is it really the end of July? Can it be June 27 again?  I donít know how the summer has flown by so quickly.  Between all of the work, hiking, leadership and relationship lectures, reading, driving, and relaxing, Iíve realized what a blessing it is to be out here.  Thatís why weíre excited for the rest of our time here.  We have so much that we want to do yet! (If you are wondering what that is, check out Jillís last post) 

Yesterday, two car-fulls of us headed to Denver, one of our favorite places to go on our days off.  Itís about an hour and a half to downtown, and the drive is spectacular (I think all of us still want to live there, at least I know I do). After enjoying a delectable breakfast from McDonalds in Winter Park, we made the drive to Denver, jamming to Jackson 5 and Jars of Clay through the Berthoud Pass.  Our plans for the day included:

Shopping at REI
Dropping Sarah off at the airport (She went home for a concert and to see her family for a few days!)
Go to Eliseís house in Aurora, a suburb of Denver

We arrived at REI before it opened, so we took a ton of pictures on the nearby bridge and hit up the coolest Starbucks in the world.  I donít think Iíve laughed so hard in a long time.

In case you are wondering, this is the set picture for the next hit drama on the WB, entitled Snow Mountain.  Talk to Devin if you would like a description of each of the characters. 

Just as an aside, REI is the absolute best store to spend time at—hands down.  Itís a love-hate relationship for me, though.  I go there because they have anything you need for camping, hiking, biking, and other recreational activities; however, you can easily bust your wallet.  You canít go to Denver without going there. 

At Eliseís house, we had the comfort of spending time in a real home.  We havenít sat at a real kitchen table, ate real food, or walked on real vacuumed carpet since the end of May.  Oh, she has a trampoline too.  How fun is that?

After spending some time at a mall and getting some other miscellaneous things at Target, we drove back.  It was very foggy, but in reality, we were practically in the clouds. It was beautiful.

Reba just turned twenty-two, and we celebrated her birthday with cake and ice cream yesterday.  The staff talent show is today as well, so may of us who are participating had a dress rehearsal last night.  Hopefully the guests attend and marvel at the wondrous talent of the Snow Mountain staff!

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