Sunday, July 06, 2008

Finding Your “Sweet Spot” with Henry DeVries

This past Monday we had Henry DeVries come out to deliver the latest of our leadership talks. In his talk, Henry got us to not only consider how we operate as leaders, but also helped break our traditional views of leadership. Typically, we find leadership to be an administrative and organizational (from the front) kind of role. However, leaders can emerge in friendship, encouragement, team building, and working alongside others (from the middle and the back).

What is important, said Henry, is finding your “sweet-spot” and incorporating that role into the various facets of your life. This sweet spot is where you’re happiest, most effective, called to be, and where you most often find yourself. We were also encouraged to look at the perfect model of leadership- Jesus Christ as a servant leader. In all, it was a good combination of the past weeks with some new insight.

On Friday, we had an impromptu cookout outside of Blue Ridge Lodge. Afterwards, we loaded our cars and drove to Grand Lake for fireworks. It’s hard to top fireworks over a still lake on a clear night.

Also, we’ve been asked to put up more pictures from this summer online. For space reasons, we’ve made a picasa page through Google. Here’s the link to those: LCI- PicturesWe will update these as often as we can. You can still read more for a few pictures.

-Dave and Melissa


Posted by David Hartwell on 07/06 at 03:37 PM
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