Thursday, July 29, 2010

A God of Surprises with Glenn Triezenberg and Kent Meyer

We serve a God of Surprises. Glenn Triezenberg, Director of Career Development, and Kent Meyer, CEO of the YMCA of the Rockies, were our presenters this past Monday for the Leadership Challenge Institute. Both Glenn and Kent shared personal stories, backed by scripture, which reveal that the God who made us and loves us is also a God who continually surprises us.
We began our meeting by discussing the essential qualities of a leader. Glenn encouraged us to think about our lists as we progress through our lives. We may alter or all-together change some of what we now consider to be the essential qualities of a leader. What is important is that we are mindful of what we value in leadership and that our essential qualities of leadership are consistent with God’s plan in our lives.

Glenn then related our essential leadership qualities to the fact that God is a God of surprises. How then do leaders function with uncertainty? When good surprises come, Glenn told us, be grateful. When bad surprises come, have a plan, a proper focus and an attitude of approach. Also, we should understand how to manage grief and loss surprises that match our spiritual, psychological and physical strengths and weaknesses.

From Glenn’s Presentation:

Our God of surprises is also a God who is powerful and in control of our lives as leaders. He has promised to “do a new thing” with each of our lives, even things that may seem impossible like making a road in the wilderness or a river in the desert. These two metaphors in this text are especially clear to us as we experience the grandeur of the mountains. Our Creator God has formed these and all the rivers flowing through them. Will He not also do great things in us?

Will He not also do great things in us?

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