Thursday, July 01, 2010

Steve Peterson: Leading with Integrity

Last Monday Chaplain Steve Peterson led the LCI group in a discussion about what it means to have integrity and how that relates to being an authentic Christian leader.

Integrity inspires trust and trust inspires confidence,” he said.

But before we got to that we spent some time discussing what integrity really means. We gave personal definitions—being consistent in words and actions, what you do even when no one is around to see, being unified, lacking corruption, the list goes on. All are good definitions, but defining integrity and living with integrity are drastically different things, the latter requiring living faithfully and living strong in our values.

And this brings us back to the quote on confidence. Having confidence in your leaders is crucial, and we, as leaders, aspire to be viewed as confident. Confidence, here, is not to be confused with arrogant or egotistical, but rather it has to do with a firm sense of unwavering trust, faith.

From Matthew 23 again, we learned about Jesus’ revulsion against hypocrisy. In this too, we as leaders need to focus on being integrity-building and not image-building. Remember, integrity inspires trust and trust inspires confidence.

Last Wednesday the Calvin Crew journeyed about 30 minutes down Highway 40 to Hot Sulphur Springs. Despite some slight mosquito irritation and the smell of sulphur, the 20+ natural hot tubs lining the mountain rocks were tranquilly peaceful. Not too shabby a way to end a day in the Rocky Mountains. 

Posted by David Hartwell on 07/01 at 11:50 AM
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