Friday, June 04, 2010

LCI 2010 is Almost Here!

The Calvin College Leadership Challenge Institute 2010 kicks off this Sunday at Snow Mountain Ranch! We have mostly all arrived, situated ourselves into staff housing, hiked mountains, seen wildlife, camped near the waterfall on grounds, and somehow we’ve even found time to work. In many respects, SMR can become its own little world to the staff—an outpost from civilization. It’s easy to forget that just a few weeks ago many of us were busy studying for finals. Despite our location, nestled comfortably in the Rocky Mountains, we shouldn’t forget why we are here—to learn about and practice authentic Christian Leadership so as to be a redemptive presence in the World.

Many of us, in our work, our hikes, and our discussions, have already found ourselves in leadership positions. With openness to the LCI program and a charitable attentiveness to our upcoming speakers, I know that each member of the Calvin Program at SMR can hone their skills to become a more mature Christian leader.

As we enter our 10-week leadership program, the fun certainly won’t stop. Though we will be more intentional about our purpose here these next months, we will still have time for hiking mountains, impromptu campfire worship (like we had on Wednesday night) and excursions to Hernando’s Pizza in Winter Park. This summer will be a healthy mixture of fun and challenges (both spiritual and physical).

Friends, Family: Please pray for us out here in Colorado as we strive to model a Christ-like servant leadership in our lives.

LCIer’s: Prepare for the upcoming ten weeks and be ready for large and small-group discussions starting Monday. See you there!

Read More for a few pictures from the week…


Posted by David Hartwell on 06/04 at 06:50 PM
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