Friday, June 06, 2008

Week 1: Mary Hulst, Adams Falls, Ice Cream

Mary Hulst from Calvin Seminary followed the Sunday evening kickoff with our Monday evening large group meeting. She used the story of Elijah fleeing to the desert in 1 Kings: 19 to describe to us how to make the most out of our summer. She encouraged us to assess our various needs and goals for the LCI program and how the Lord will help us thrive this summer and with our lives. We fit those needs and goals under the headings of “physical care, spiritual attentiveness, and living in community.”

On Wednesday, most of the Calvin LCI group loaded up in our cars and drove to Grand Lake to hike Adams Falls. What the (0.6 mile) hike lacks in length, it makes up for in beauty. You can tell from the pictures just how amazing the falls are. After the hike, we all got some Ice Cream on Grand Lake’s Main Street. Read More for a few pictures.


Posted by David Hartwell on 06/06 at 08:26 PM
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