Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Time Is Almost Here!

Well, the June 2nd start date for LCI 2008 is quickly approaching us. A lot of the Calvin Staff is already here- training for day camp, life guarding, cleaning rooms, picking up slash, etc. Still, there are a few yet to arrive. To those here and those still to come: let’s have a fantastic summer!

Calvin Staff: as we move toward this first week, and begin to get nestled into our jobs, routines, meetings, and small groups- let’s try to remember those goals we set for ourselves back in Michigan. Remember the stars we wrote those wishes on? Begin to think about how you, in your job, in your small group, or even by yourself, can use this summer in the Rockies to accomplish those goals. As always, please check the blog and your emails for any LCI updates we send out.

Parents: we’ll try to update this weblog as often as possible with pictures and descriptions of the various Snow Mountain Ranch happenings. We aren’t doing this to make you jealous- just want you to have an easy outlet to what your college students are up to out in the mountains.

So guys and girls, let’s start this summer off right!
-Dave and Melissa


Posted by David Hartwell on 05/29 at 05:54 PM
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