Sunday, June 17, 2007

The beginning of the summer for 2007

Well it is year 8 of calvin College’s LCI at SMR.  Things are off to a great start. This is the first entry for the summer of 2007! For those of you who do not know every Monday night we have a speaker from Calvin come and talk on leadership.  For our first two weeks Mary Hulst (also our program director) was our speaker. Her first talk was called “Here we are! Now what do we do?!” and her second was “How to be a good follower.”  Both were very good and everyone learned a lot. 

Along with that second Monday night came a celebration of 21 years for Monica Lackman.  Monica is one of three female small group leaders (the others being Sarah Baker and Molly Fuller).  There are also two male small group leaders Tony Terpstra and Dan Riemersma.  On these Monday nights these five leaders lead the other Calvin students in a Bible study, which Mary Hulst has put together.  The Bible study is called “Standing on the Heights”.  The first week we looked at our theme verse (one we all have memorized and will continue to go back to throughout the whole summer), which is Habakkuk 3:19: “The soverign Lord is my strength; he makes my feet like the feet of a deer, he enables me to stand upon the hieghts.”  From there each small group talked about their goals for the summer (emotionally, spiritually, physically, relationally etc.) and how faith is about being people of God as much or maybe even more so than it is about being a person of God.

Also every week (on Wednesdays) we have a Calvin group outing.  Our first week we went white water rafting on clear creek.  Although two people fell out of the raft they got back in safely and everyone had a good time.  For the second week we went to the Hot Sulfur Springs.  They are nautral springs (24 of them) that range from 96-110 degrees.  Even though it was a bit smelly everyone felt very relaxed and enjoyed themselves. 

Here are some pictures from the past two weeks:

The group (well most of us)

For Calvin’s Kick-Off (Orientation) we started with “get to know each other games” and ended at night with a fire

The leadership team (Sarah Baker not pictured)

White water rafting on Clear Creek

Of coarse we have done some hiking to! Here are some views from over 14,000 ft. high ( AKA a 14er, there are 54 of them, which are the highest mountains in Colorado)!

This ones at sunrise!

Celebrating Monica’s birthday with some delicious cake after our LCI Monday night

Some of the ladies going out to go dancing in Beautiful Grand Lake, which is right by Rocky Mountain National Park

Hikes around SMR property

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