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Calvin Alum and CSR Graduate Jeff Schiman to Speak at Calvin College   CSR is looking forward to co-sponsoring a talk by Calvin College grad Jeff Schiman on Thursday, October 22. Jeff, who left Calvin in 2009 with a B.A. in Economics, is currently a Ph.D. Candidate in Economics at the University of Illinois in Chicago. After graduation, Jeff worked for a… Kathryn A. Bardolph 10/16/15 0
Research Assistant Experiences: Carolyn Vos Research Assistant from Feb 2014 - July 2015 Degree: BA Psychology, Linguistics (May 2015) Current Location: DePaul University, Chicago, Illinois Program: MA Writing, Rhetoric, and Discourse We just finished a weekly summer tradition of Music Friday, where each person in the office submits two songs for a playlist that we play on Friday afternoons. Not only did this tradition help us survive the last few hours of the day, but it gave us a chance to get know each other a little better. I have loved my work, but I’ve also been extremely blessed by our moments of play in the office. When I was thinking about how I would write this reflection of sorts, I realized that I wanted to frame it differently than those in the past, and take advantage of my English degree. I’ll be the first to admit that I have an odd relationship with water. I am entirely fascinated by the distinctive and divine properties that God gave to water. He created something that is less dense in its solid form than in its liquid form. But what is common sense to us is actually a remarkable chemical property: no other molecule behaves in this way. Every other molecule sinks in its solid form; ice floats. This means that we have access to ice rinks, ice fishing, and fresh water in the winter. Its uniqueness is enough for me to adore water. However, I also love to watch nature documentaries. Have you ever seen Blue Planet? Or Planet Earth? Their specials on oceans will be enough for you to never want to go in the water again. The number of things that can kill you in the ocean is terrifying. Yet I identify with this dissonance. I am simultaneously enamored and terrified of water. When I think about framing my experience at the CSR, I am drawn to liken my time to that of being in water. Kathryn A. Bardolph 08/05/15 0
My - People Come and Go Around Here So Quickly! It’s already time to bid a fond farewell to the students and staff of CSR. We wish you well as you take on new endeavors, and we will miss you. Departing Staff: Greg Kim: After working at CSR as both a research assistant and a Research Specialist, Greg returns to South Korea, where he will serve in the Korean Military for the next few years. Owen Selles: One of our Research Specialists, Owen, begins his departure from CSR with a month-long trip to Turkey. After that, he’ll begin studying Landscape Architecture and Environmental Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Our Stellar Students: Michael Bloom (B.A., Economics) Alden Hartopo (B.A., Economics and International Relations) Steven Lewis (B.A., Psychology) Tavi Stewart (B.A., Sociology) Josh Vander Leest (B.A., Psychology) Cari Vos (B.A., Linguistics and Psychology) Thanks for all you contributed to CSR! Kathryn A. Bardolph 06/26/15 0
Dr. Nathan Medeiros-Ward Speaking at Calvin College We are looking forward to a presentation by Dr. Nathan Medeiros-Ward on Monday, April 7, as the Psychology Department of Calvin College hosts his talk entitled: “An Investigation of Multitasking and Driver Distraction.” It doesn’t seem that long ago that Dr. Medeiros-Ward served as CSR’s first Research Associate, setting a powerful precedent with his problem-solving skills and energetic, collegial management of students and projects. He was a great team leader for the Kent County Congregations Study (KCCS) project, coordinating a team of 13 student field interviewers and 8 student research assistants in the summer of 2007. Upon his graduation from Calvin College with a B.A. in Psychology and Classics, Nathan moved on to the University of Utah, earning his Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology in 2013. While in graduate school, he worked closely with David Lee Strayer, one of the original researchers exploring the impact of cell phone use while driving. Dr. Medeiros-Ward is now a Beckman Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Illinois, where he is studying attention and multitasking. Nathan’s research interests focus on the component processes of multitasking using a multifaceted approach that involves traditional behavioral methods, driving simulation, neuroimaging, and training/transfer regimens. He is interested in knowing how shifting and dividing attention are similar and different in various laboratory and real-world contexts, as well as whether or not these abilities can be trained. Kathryn A. Bardolph 04/03/14 0
Research Associate Experiences: an update from Christina Vanden Bosch der Nederlanden! One important position that CSR offers is that of Research Associate. The Research Associate assists in the management of ongoing campus and community projects. As part of this project management, the Research Associate supervises, trains, and supports the student research team. The person in this position is responsible for assigning project work, making and meeting deadlines, preparing data, conducting data analysis, and working alongside the other CSR staff to meet project goals. One of our recent CSR Research Associates, Christina Vanden Bosch der Nederlanden, offers the following comments about her experiences at the Center. Christina Vanden Bosch der Nederlanden Research Associate from May 2009 - July 2011 Current Location: University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Ph.D. program in Experimental Psychology with an Emphasis in Development It has been a few years now since I worked as the Research Associate at Calvin’s Center for Social Research (CSR), but nearly every day I am grateful for the investment that each member of the CSR made in me during my time there. I worked at the CSR for two years under Neil Carlson’s and Jim Penning’s leadership and under the steadfast care of Kathy Bardolph. As a Research Associate, I had the opportunity to work with an evolving team of research assistants and technicians while learning about the Center’s many software tools and projects. While I learned countless things, ranging from current topics in Political Science to the language of the Bynars from Star Trek’s Next Generation, I also learned key skills that have helped me as a graduate student today. Two key areas come to mind when I think about how the CSR has impacted my day-to-day thinking: the ability to work efficiently with data, and the desire to tell others about the findings and outcomes of my research. Kathryn A. Bardolph 04/03/14 0
Social Sciences Lunch Seminar Series Spring 2013 The Social Sciences Lunch Seminar Series resumes for the spring semester 2013, highlighting three faculty speakers who will present and discuss their research. Friday April 5: Roman Williams, Assistant Professor of Sociology: “Seeing Religion: Visual Research Methods in the Sociology of Religion” Friday April 19: Jonathan Hill, Assistant Professor of… Kathryn A. Bardolph 03/18/13 0
Is Civil Discourse in Politics Possible? The Calvin community is welcome to join three panelists on the timely topic “Is Civil Discourse in Politics Possible?” on Thursday, October 4, at 4 p.m. in the Commons Lecture Hall. Refreshment provided. Members of an alumni-faculty study group on civility and politics will share insights and resources about this… Kathryn A. Bardolph 09/28/12 0
Welcome New Hires! We’re looking forward to working with five new student research assistants who will work full time this summer, then continue part time with CSR when the fall semester begins. Melissa Lubbers, a senior Psychology major, interned with us during the spring and now joins the research assistant team. Leah Hoogstra, a senior with a double major in Mathematics and International Development, started working with us during second semester. Shawntavia Stewart is a sophomore and in a pre-med program with concentrations in Public Health and Bio-Chemistry. Michael Kelly will be a junior this fall and is studying Psychology. Lauren Muñoz’s major is Sociology, and she’ll be a junior this fall. We appreciate the wide skill set (and the phenomenal personalities) this new group brings to CSR.   Kathryn A. Bardolph 05/30/12 0
Departing CSR Graduates It’s never easy to say goodbye to our departing staff and students, but the end of the academic year brings its usual season of change to CSR. Several students and a staff member are moving on to grad school or full-time jobs. • Nathan Mosurinjohn (Graduate Research Specialist) – After graduating from Calvin College in 2009 with a B.A. in Geography and International Development, Nathan joined the staff at CSR as a Research Specialist. At the end of summer, Nathan and his wife Shelly will head to the west coast while Nathan pursues his Masters of Science in Geography at the University of Oregon. • Kelsey McCallops (Student Research Assistant) – Kelsey’s been with CSR since her sophomore year. She is leaving us with a B.A. in Psychology and is landing at Ohio University where she will enter a Doctorate of Physical Therapy program. Kelsey begins her studies at OU as a Graduate Assistant. • Tony Ditta (Student Research Assistant) – Tony has also been working at the CSR since his sophomore year. He graduates with a B.A. in Economics and is moving to Chicago for a research position at the University of Chicago. • Traci Montgomery (Student Research Assistant) – Traci will be graduating from Calvin with a B.S. in Mathematics and Geography, after which she will transition into a full time staff position at the CSR as a Graduate Research Assistant. Traci’s summer includes a six week break to attend a summer program on sustainable development at UC Berkeley. • Kristen Napp (Student Research Assistant) – Kristen worked for CSR this past year, and after graduating with a BSW, she joins us full time on staff as a Graduate Research Assistant. • Mitchell Uitvlugt (Psychology intern) – Mitchell interned with us from the psychology department this past semester. He will be starting a research assistant position in the Laboratory for Cognitive & Decision Sciences as well as in the Cognitive Control Neurolab, both at Michigan State University. Thanks to all of you for your great work at the Center for Social Research during your tenure with us. You’ve been an integral part of our team and we will miss you. We wish all of our departing staff and students the best in their new endeavors! Don’t forget to stay in touch with us. Kathryn A. Bardolph 05/09/12 0
Social Sciences Lunch Seminar Series Spring 2012 The Social Sciences Lunch Seminar Series resumes for the spring semester 2012, highlighting four faculty speakers who will present and discuss their research. Friday February 17: Jennifer Jewett VanAntwerp, Associate Professor of Engineering: "Examining Calling as a Motivator in Career Decisions: A Comparison of Engineering Graduates from Secular and Christian… Kathryn A. Bardolph 01/06/12 0
CSR’s New Director The Board of Trustees has just confirmed the appointment of Neil Carlson as the director of the Center for Social Research. Formerly the center’s assistant director, Neil stepped into the director role unofficially last year when Jim Penning passed away. The governing board was pleased to appoint Neil to that position officially after an extensive review of the center’s administrative structure resulted in a redefined director position. Please join us in congratulating Neil and thanking him for his continuing contributions to the Center for Social Research and the college.     Kathryn A. Bardolph 10/26/11 0
DeVos Place Host to B2B ArtPrize Student Mural    When you’re checking out ArtPrize 2011, be sure to include a visit to “I Believe I Become,” the six piece mural created by a team of student artists from Grand Rapids Public Schools and sponsored by several local businesses and two local artists. You’ll find the mural at DeVos… Kathryn A. Bardolph 09/26/11 0
Social Sciences Lunch Seminar Series for Fall 2011 The Social Sciences Lunch Seminar Series kicks off Friday September 23 with a talk by Martin Hughes, Assistant Professor of Sociology and movie buff. Dr. Hughes will discuss "Children Are Our Future: Changing Visions of Youth in Movies about the Future, 1950-2009." All of the 2011-12 seminars take place at… Kathryn A. Bardolph 09/22/11 0
Report on 2009 Sustaining Pastoral Excellence Survey   Since 2004, CSR has been supporting the Christian Reformed Church in North America (CRCNA) in its Sustaining Pastoral Excellence project, which has been funded by grants from the Lilly Endowment, Inc. Three waves of surveys have been conducted on an approximately biennial bases, in 2004/2005 (which we're now labeling… Kathryn A. Bardolph 11/30/10 0
Explanations for Church Mobilization against AIDS in Africa Despite local, national, and global attention to AIDS in Africa, an estimated 1.4 million Africans died of the disease in 2008, the same number as in 2001. As central institutions in many African societies, churches have responded to AIDS in various ways, from ignoring the disease, to providing care for the sick, to demanding state responses. Using data from news articles and interviews with AIDS activists, church leaders, AIDS policymakers, and donor officials in Zambia, Kenya, the United States, and Ghana conducted between 2007 and 2010, Professor Amy Patterson, Political Science, presents an analysis of these church AIDS activities in Africa. She argues that church organizational structures, pastoral leadership, and the opportunities provided by globalization and the continent’s presumed “dependence” on the West shape African church mobilization on AIDS. Please join CSR for Dr. Patterson's presentation and the ensuing discussion.   Thursday October 7, 2010 3:30 p.m., Meeter Center Lecture Hall Calvin College Refreshments provided Kathryn A. Bardolph 09/13/10 0
Professor Jason VanHorn and Nathan Mosurinjohn publish paper on 3D GIS Modeling     The CSR is pleased to report the recent publication featuring the work of our very own Nathan Mosurinjohn, along with Calvin’s Professor of Geography,  Jason VanHorn. Professor VanHorn’s specialty is terrorism geography, and in the summer of 2008 he began working with Nathan on a methodology for safeguarding… Kathryn A. Bardolph 07/14/10 0
CSR co-sponsors 2010 conference, “Reformed Mission in an Age of World Christianity”   CSR is pleased to be a co-sponsor with other Calvin College Centers and Institutes of the 2010 Reformed Mission in an Age of World Christianity conference; follow this link to read more about it. Open to all, the June 15-17, 2010 conference immediately precedes the inaugural meeting of the… Kathryn A. Bardolph 06/21/10 0
April 8 CSR Presentation: Data visualization with KCCS See the entire poster! UPDATE: See the presentation (PowerPoint 2007)! Kathryn A. Bardolph 03/26/10 0
Subdivided by Faith? Mulder and Smith publish historical review Congratulations to Drs. Mark Mulder of Sociology and James K.A. Smith of Philosophy, whose recently published article, "Subdivided by Faith? An Historical Account of Evangelicals and the City" (PDF) in Christian Scholar's Review, considers the role of culture, and religion in particular, as factors that influence the discussions of anti-urban… Kathryn A. Bardolph 02/26/10 0
Note from CSR Director, James Penning The 2008 presidential election was all about the economy, right? Not so fast. In a recently published book, The Disappearing God Gap? Religion and the 2008 Presidential Election (Oxford University Press, 2010), five scholarly colleagues and I challenge this assumption. The key finding of the book is that religion mattered… Kathryn A. Bardolph 02/08/10 0
“Community-Based Reforms of the Justice System” CSR is pleased to sponsor a presentation by David LaGrand, Calvin graduate and current Grand Rapids City Commissioner.  Long interested in social justice issues, Commissioner LaGrand’s resume includes a law degree, working in the prosecutor’s office, and volunteering in the prison ministry program. A founder of the Restorative Justice Initiative… Kathryn A. Bardolph 11/02/09 0
Reminder of our New Location   Occasionally we find someone who does not know about our new location. Last year we moved across Burton St. into the Raybook Building. Please feel free to drop in for a visit and a cup of coffee. Find your way with this map: Sorry, this neat feature doesn’t work… Kathryn A. Bardolph 10/19/09 0
“Clergy: Pay and Performance” How does the interaction of faith and economic activity affect religious organizations? Becky Haney, Assistant Professor of Economics at Calvin College will present the results of her research in this area. Her specific research interests include an examination of the theological and economic implications for the clergy labor market as… Kathryn A. Bardolph 10/02/09 0
“Responding to Neighborhood Change: CRC Congregations in Southeast Grand Rapids, 1970-2000” How do congregations from a white ethnic denomination respond to growing urban diversity? Sociology professors Dr. Mark Mulder, Calvin College, and Dr. Kevin Dougherty, Baylor University, examined 30 years worth of change (1970-2000) in 14 Christian Reformed congregations in Southeast Grand Rapids, Michigan. They tracked neighborhood composition, residential patterns of… Kathryn A. Bardolph 04/21/09 0
Religion and Social Order: Does God Punish Societal Sins? Dr. Janel Curry, Dean for Research and Scholarship at Calvin College, has just been appointed Calvin's Byker Chair. Her talk will explore how religious worldviews, as portrayed in sermons, shape individual and institutional responses to events like Hurricane Katrina and the Asian tsumani. Last year Dr. Curry served as Center… Kathryn A. Bardolph 02/06/09 0
Subdivided by Faith? Anti-Urban Bias, Geographical Habits, and Theological Influences CSR's faculty Fellows for 2006-2008, Drs. Mark Mulder of Sociology and James K.A. Smith of Philosophy, will present the findings from their study "Subdivided by Faith." In a previous landmark study, Divided by Faith, Michael Emerson and Christian Smith articulated the ways in which evangelical spirituality and practice actually contributed… Kathryn A. Bardolph 12/03/08 0
Polling and the 2008 Election   Michael W. Traugott, Professor of Communication Studies and Political Science at the University of Michigan, unravels polling methods and their effect on the 2008 election. Dr. Traugott studies the mass media and its impact on American politics. This includes research on the use of the media in campaigns and… Kathryn A. Bardolph 10/01/08 0
President of the Foundation for Research on Economics and the Environment Visits Calvin The Byker Chair and the Department of Geology, Geography, and Environmental Studies invite you to hear Dr. John Baden’s presentation: “Revelations and Institutions: The theology and political economy of Hutterite and Mormon experiments with intentional communities.”  Political economy offers insights into why one communal order ended in absolute failure and… Kathryn A. Bardolph 09/30/08 0