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Weekend update.

Friday, March 18, 2005

With students on spring break this week, the only thing our deserted office is missing is the sound of chirping crickets. Nobody to bring us reviews printed out from their favorite website! Nobody to play us the song they’ve been listening to on repeat for a month! Nobody to pitch us their idea for a new mashup (if you haven’t heard of Missy Elliott Smith yet… you will)! Yes, we are lonely, and depressed.

Nevertheless, it is unavoidably high season in Student Activities.

The Festival of Faith and Music is just around the corner (April 1 & 2), which means that you need to register if you haven’t already, since there will be some marvelous live performances and—count ‘em!—23 workshops. David Bazan is coming, and so should you.

Some other guys making the trip (along with several of their staff members) are Nick Purdy and Josh Jackson, whose brainchild Paste magazine we’ve found indispensible over the last few years. They recently got an extremely complimentary write-up in the New York Daily News (of all places), which should give you an idea of what they do if you aren’t already aware.

One of the things we like about the attendees of this conference is that they are both devoted and entrepreneurial, as evidenced by one Nathan Talley who came up with a way to showcase unsigned artists at FFM. If you’re interested (and own the layperson’s equivalent of two turntables and a microphone—a discman), here’s how you can participate.

If you need something to read this weekend, you could check out my latest *catapult magazine column about slouching. I only recommend it in a pinch, though.

Also, in an effort to stretch its readership a bit, Christianity Today Music is starting to incorporate some commentary and reviews from beyond the CCM sub-culture, for which we commend its intrepid editor. They reprinted a story I wrote about shifting attitudes toward popular culture at Christian colleges and universities this week, and rumor has it there’s some interesting feedback.

I’ve been working, here and there, on a piece about profanity (also known as expletives and cuss words—but did you know that those monikers don’t all mean the same thing?) for the excellent and often wickedly funny SoMA Review, but the festival has been a major time-eater lately. We’re trying to get it out before SAO’s first-ever legitimate hip-hop concert; there actually won’t be many expletives coming from the lips of Gift of Gab, who’s a positive kind of guy, but we’re hoping to open some conversation about how we can better engage with and respond to the language many rap and hip-hop artists use.

My clock says it’s 4:34, which means it’s officially the weekend. Hopefully I’ll be updating this on a daily basis as we begin to collect articles and reviews from outside sources, but for now—good night, and have a pleasant tomorrow.