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Cultural Discerner Ryan Hagerman on The Belle Brigade

Friday, November 04, 2011

During the worst summer I have ever had, I discovered The Belle Brigade, and they were like the rainbow God sent after the great flood. Their songs are simple and genuine. They speak of heartbreaks and love, mistakes and triumphs.
But what The Belle Brigade is really good at is conveying hope and camaraderie, and that’s exactly what they did at the concert on Wednesday. Dancing and rocking out on the stage, they invite the audience to be a part of their friendship and joy. They are like a mentor, teaching life lessons and always encouraging you.

The last song they played was “Losers.” “Losers” is about rejecting all stupid competitions the world has set up, like how good you look, how smart you are, or how popular you are. They started the song simple, just a guitar and vocals, and then they build, slowly, until they shout at the world, “I don’t care about any of that s-hit no more!” That line is so freeing, and you could feel its power at the concert. I cried during the performance. I realized again that God is on the side of the losers like me.

I had a chance to speak with Ethan and Barbara after their show and asked if they wrote “Losers” for each other. They said no, the song is meant for everyone. They have done a beautiful thing. Their music is an invitation to everyone to drop all the stupid burdens we carry. It’s an invitation Christians believe in already.