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Rockin’ rev.

Monday, March 28, 2005

The world needs more pastors like Ben Squires.

When he’s not leading the flock at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Manitowoc, Wisconson, Squires writes a blog called Music Spectrum. As you might infer from its title, the blog explores the gamut of musical styles from a faithful worldview; it’s an excellent example of Christian approaches to music criticism and enlightening devotional contexts for mainstream tunes. He’s equally as given to praise Devendra Banhart as Jars of Clay.

Pastor Squires has been a generous supporter of the Festival of Faith and Music in the blogosphere and beyond. For instance, he’s been posting a regular review series of various musicians who’ll participating at this year’s festival. Wouldn’t it be great if more pastors took the time to listen as thoughtfully and carefully to contemporary music as he does?

Links below will take you to each artist’s review at Squires’ blog:

“Gutsy” Jan Krist dreams of dancing in paradise

Half Handed Cloud’s “after-9 P.M.-on-broadcast-TV,” “rated M for mature audiences only” Bible stories

Holding on for Dear Life with VOL’s Bill Mallonee

Pierce Pettis adds a giant subwoofer to the outdoors

Sufjan Stevens’ strange geography of faith

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1 comment on "Rockin’ rev."
  • hey, good to see a blog up here, kate.  also encouraging to see people around the country picking up on the artists featured at calvin… as a former CD i always thought that there was a huge audience for the type of music and discussion at calvin, but they’re just hidden and spread out, unaware of each other.

    Posted by Christy D. on 04/01 at 01:09 PM