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Review of Tinariwen and Kishi Bashi concert

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Professor David Smith writes a great review of the show on October 26 with Tinariwen and Kishi Bashi in the Covenant Fine Arts Center on the site Music is Good.

“Take a concert hall mostly filled with American students who have just heard a hip, dynamic, emotive, tech-savvy, show-stealing performance from an upcoming artist whose music is being used to package the future of Windows, throw in the distinct possibility that many of them do not know Tinariwen and came mostly because the flyers for the show said that U2 and Radiohead recommended the band, and then have half a dozen Tuareg dressed for the Sahara walk on stage and stand motionless singing dawdling, alien music in a foreign language could that be a recipe for success?”

That’s just one sentence!