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On the Bazan show last night

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

From Ryan Alons, the SAO student worker:

Nothing exhausts me more than a David Bazan concert. Discussing theodicy is a difficult thing to do and the problem of evil won’t be solved while we remain broken human beings. These are all heavy things to bring to the concert atmosphere. Bazan himself seems weighed down by it all. The arrangements were so slow and dark. Their last song “In Stitches” was almost terrifying to listen to!

Witnessing David Bazan’s public struggle with God play out on stage last night was inspiring. It was an introspective journey that required something a little different from everyone. I’m still feeling a little vulnerable, so I’m not going to share what his music required of me last night. Maybe I should take a page from David Bazan’s playbook.

“I could buy you a drink. I could tell you all about it. I can tell you why I doubt it and why I still believe.“

But first I have to take a deep breath and step back. What were your responses to the show last night? Any conversions of sorts that you’d be willing to share?

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1 comment on "On the Bazan show last night"
  • Ryon,

    I agree with you that it was exhausting in many ways. Particularly after the conversation, I felt challenged both to listen more closely to Bazan and to maybe allow myself to be challenged by him. As I told my friend after the show, I just feel that the God I know is so different than the one Bazan wrestles with.

    Also, especially in light of Good Friday, Bazan’s darkness seems strangely appropriate, perhaps dangerously so. And I wonder if that is where I start to agree with him: that Christianity and Christians generally live too safely. Kierkegaard says that faith is an offense to reason, and I think we do need to recognize the strangeness and perhaps the insanity of believing in God as Christ. (At least in the eyes of those who don’t believe this.)

    Posted by Lander on 04/02 at 03:50 PM