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Laura Marling:  What did you think?

Friday, May 07, 2010

Ryan Alons, the student worker for the SAO, offers his thoughts on last night’s Laura Marling show:

Laura Marling, folks! The best show of this year? Probably! Let’s make a decision on that, people! Chocolate Drops were great, The Mountain Goats were great, but Laura Marling held the audience in utter awe!

She had great lyrical depth and the melodies that framed each and every one of her honest and personal narratives carried me along. She played great guitar, bluesy and folksy and had those little steps that turned into leaps. She talked a lot about her folk mentors (she did a Neil Young and a Jackson Frank cover) and it was obvious last night that she snared the heart of the genre. She was honest in exploring her relationships and the fragility of one’s life alone. I believe I’m going to be unpacking her lyrics for a long time.


She’s younger than you! She’s twenty and she writes lyrics that carry the folk spirit. The gift of prophecy is not specific to age, but generally experience begets folk. She is a British Jackson Browne. Laura Marling must have been born with the weight of the world. She carried herself with a quiet reserve and charm on stage. As she played she avoided eye contact with the audience (probably a nervous tick - not as crazy as Doug Martsch’s head) I am convinced whatever ghosts haunted her were hiding in the corners of the LLC. I had listened to her music before the concert, so I knew that I was to expect an introspective woman up there.

Should I even be talking about her age? Is that appropriate? I suppose I wanted all of my prejudices vindicated in the end.

Taylor Swift is twenty, right. I want to put that out there. What do I mean by it? Ask me what I mean by it.

So ... what’d you think?

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3 comments on "Laura Marling:  What did you think?"
  • Hi! I’d like to convey that I really enjoy your entire writing style and that I want to visit this blog continually from now :) Keep it up!

    Posted by Rosanna Storer on 02/14 at 08:08 PM
  • I thought the show was great and both openers were fantastic as well.  Marling certainly does have a maturity in her work that belies her age; however, she often mixes that maturity with a more youthful playfulness.  Her voice was stunning and flexible, and I was surprised by her dexterity on guitar.  I thoroughly enjoyed the performance, in part because of her humble awkwardness on stage. 

    I don’t know if I’d say it was the show of the year, but it’s certainly high on the list.  Of course, I was excited about this one as soon as it was announced!

    Posted by Rob Vander Giessen-Reitsma on 05/07 at 01:46 PM
  • I agree, this might have been the best concert this year.  She was very thoughtful and deliberate with lyrics and melodies.  She’s an excellent writer, and stylistically it is very impressive that she can bring such nuance to a genre like folk and really add something to the conversation that has been going on as long as music.
    Two other things that struck me were 1) excellent guitar playing. Very inventive chord structures, and very cleanly executed.  2) Her stage presence was very good, and in large part was helped by her wardrobe. It is a minor thing to note, but part of performing is making decisions like that, and it added to the aesthetic of the show. 
    Lots more to compliment her on, but we’ll leave it there!

    Posted by Roland Eldridge on 05/07 at 01:36 PM