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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A few small treats to tide you through the rest of the week:

Ken Heffner, director of student activities here at Calvin, lectures on “holy worldliness” at the Festival of Faith & Music 2005. For those of you still waiting for the additional mp3 files, we’re hoping to have most of them up soon. It turns out that a few are of extremely fuzzy quality and thus will not be available. We’re doing all we can, so thanks for your patience!

FFM 2005 also got a mention last summer in Under the Radar magazine, as part of a story on a “non-movement” of Christians making music in the mainstream. Some of our favorite artists, including several who have participated in FFM, were featured front and center. We’d heard rumors of this publication, but only recently did we discover that you could read it online.

And with an eye to the future, February in Michigan just started looking a lot less dismal than usual.