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Goodby, Vic Chesnutt.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Communications professor, FFM committee member and all-around-friend of the SAO has written an astoundingly beautiful eulogy for Vic Chesnutt.  Here’s an excerpt of the piece, which deftly weaves together tribute, personal biography and artistic analysis:

Read the obituaries. Listen to his name being mentioned by important people in the music industry; “he lived to fight,” “he was such an inspiration,” “he was one of the strongest people I knew.” All admirable epitaphs, but strangely similar. Some are talking about his music, but most are talking about the spectacle. I’m not willing to deny the fact that Vic Chesnutt lived as a person with a disability, but I am willing, more than willing, to let that only be one part of my memory of him. Like all of us, he was a combination of things, a combination of talents, demons, stories, experiences. (Read more…)

Chesnutt was slated to perform and be interviewed as part of last spring’s Festival of Faith & Music, but had to cancel last minute due to illness.