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A reflection on Eric Bibb’s Calvin performance

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

From Ryan Alons, the SAO student worker:

I speak as a blue outsider here. On average I listen to late aughts alternative music, which has taken an ironic position. Parody everything and believe nothing. Snark has replaced honesty. It isnít hip-moustache anymore. It isnít cool to string out the soul on a guitar. Vampire Weekend has been one of the biggest bands of 2010 (it has been a long year already!). What do they sing about? How tight their diamond slippers are?

So for me it was great to see an experienced blues man get on the stage and shoot straight. Cheesy lines such as ďmy favorite pocket/ you know the one Iím thinking of/ Iíve got a pocket in my heart for your loveĒ caught my attention, not because I had to shoulder a scoff, but because I was convinced of the honesty of the line. His

Then there was this line that ignited something huge: ďIf God saved Daniel from the Lionís Den/ why doesnít he save everyman.Ē

While the bubbly Eric Bibb of ĎPocketsí was still present on the stage, he suddenly became the dynamic troubled Christian, unsure yet confident. It is unusual for an artist to find inspiration from every aspect of the human experience, and touch every respective joy and tragedy equally. In fact his level disposition gave me the strength to mull over powder keg questions along with him.

Eric Bibb asks questions, but provides us answers as well. He is not a man holding some book; he is a man whose life is a book. And he is still writing new songs! Bookerís Guitar was an excellent blues album that dropped this year!

Is it a blues thing to be so broad and honest about everything? Iíd love to hear you blues experts out there give me a line! Why do artists now days have to get so specialized about a subject? What was your reaction to the show Tuesday? Is there anyone who didnít like it? What am I missing?

So ... what do you think?  Anything to add?

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