Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Top 8 Moments of 2008

summertime homemade pizzafest

another year full of memories has gone by.  i’ll probably be doing more reflecting after my new year’s eve festivities, but for now, here’s a list of 8 good times in 2008.

8.  having dozens of friends show up at my 21st birthday, which was a laid-back concert held at four friends coffeehouse before they closed down.

7.  selling my old powerbook G4 to a friend majoring in graphic design at GVSU and using the money to purchase a used macbook air that was listed on eBay for a steal of a price.  i love my air, and because i use it everyday, it deserves a spot on this list.

6.  completing a big website project near the beginning of the summer, which freed me up financially so that i could explore new opportunities all summer long.

5.  exploring all summer long.  i networked and job-hopped the local media and entertainment industries, going from event promoter to artist manager to DJ to sales representative and back again.  i had such a blast, and met so many cool people.  best of all, i got to know myself a bit better, so i have an idea of what i do and don’t want to get into after graduating.

4.  buying some turntables a week before a gig, learning to DJ via YouTube tutorials from ellaskins, practicing 8 hours a day for 3 straight days, then throwing down and rocking out.  it was a win-win situation.  i picked up a new skill, my friend had a blast for his birthday party, and i made a good impression on the venue’s owner which has led to more opportunities.

3.  getting $140 from someone i’d just met to start kalvin kulture.  in 3 months, that $140 has turned into over $4000 worth of goods and services.

2.  being notified one morning that an article was featuring my company on the front page of calvin college’s website.  ever since i came to calvin, i thought that’d be kind of cool, and i never expected it to happen.

1.  talking about life and future at various times with my various housemates.  we’ll soon be separating to experience another stage of life, life after college.  i’ve got one semester left with them, and i hope to make the best of it.

here’s to a great 2009!!

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