Wednesday, December 24, 2008


inspiration comes in the strangest of places, even here

for my company, kalvin kulture, i’ve developed an infrastructure for selling products on facebook.  at least 60% of my target demographic has a facebook account, and nationwide statistics show that the student demographic spends 1-2 hours on facebook per day.  my strategy was to meet our target market where they’re at instead of funneling them to a new website.  sure, we sacrifice some branding points, but our brand isn’t too established yet.  we can always relaunch with a new brand and direct traffic to a new site if we wanted to.  so far the strategy is paying off, as we’ve processed hundreds of dollars worth of goods on facebook, and have only spent $15-20.

i was surfing around facebook the other day looking at how other companies leverage facebook, and i bumped into one of the strongest brands in retail clothing, victoria’s secret’s PINK label.  that label targets high school and college students, which is exactly the same demographic we’re targeting.  after checking out their facebook page, i was inspired to modify our own company’s facebook pages.  PINK does a really good job leveraging the facebook platform for marketing exposure, and i’m sure they spent thousands of dollars in consulting fees to create their strategy.  why not copy them and save thousands of dollars on consulting fees?

so the picture above is a wireframe of our new facebook pages.  i’ll be developing them sometime over the break while working on kalvin kulture’s new branding.  our existing brand was thrown together in hours just so we could launch our company and get our feet wet.  now that we’re more established, it’s time to kick off the second semester hard.  it’s gonna be fun!

Posted by Nehe555 on 12/24 at 12:56 PM
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