Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Young Life

so some of u guys may know what young life is.  for those of u who don’t, here’s a quick summary: “Young life is a non-profit organization dedicated to making an impact on kids’ lives and preparing them for the future.”  for us leaders, we call it relational youth ministry.  what that means is i’ll visit a local high school (in my case, Forest Hill Northern) to build friendships with freshman there.  through these friendships, i’ll mentor them, guide them, have fun with them, hang out with them, cry with them, whatever.  all this is in hopes that they may know Jesus Christ as Lord, and if they already do, then my purpose would be to help them on their walk of faith. 

so the technical description may not be thrilling, and that’s because words don’t do it justice.  young life ROCKS MY SOCKS OFF DUDE!  it’s the only place where i can break out all the slang i want, cuz that’s what we can do when we hang around younger kids.


me:  “yo, wassup dawg!  how’s my homeboy doin’?”
young 9th grader i’ve never met before:  “hey!  i’m doing…”
me cutting in: “that’s SWEET bro!  yo, let’s go chillax sometime and pop some donuts.”
wide-eyed 9th grader:  “uh, when?”


and the conversation goes on and on.  trust me, its fun.  amazing how much u can convey using slang and body language.  but u know what’s the hardest part?  remembering names.  so that’s why i take pics of the kids!  then i go home and study the pictures and put names to faces.

speaking of pictures…


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Friday, January 20, 2006


some friends and i (specifically sarah, heidi, babs, and my roommate ian) go downtown to have some sushi at a local japanese sushi bar.  well, it was ian’s first time having sushi, so i decided to educate him on the etiquette of sushi-eating.  coming from hong kong, which is very near to japan (hong kong’s in china for those of u who don’t know.  i thought it was in japan as well before i went there), japanese food is very popular.  so i do know a lil bit.  anyway, ian treated his tastebuds to sashimi sushi (raw salmon), tuna sushi, and white tuna sushi.  surprisingly, he enjoyed it!  not everyone reacts the same way to raw food that has a weird texture.

my second time coming here.

see how flash washes everything out?  oh, i must say that downtown grand rapids is a very charming place, especially when it’s snowing.  there are some pictures here.  those pics are from an outing with our floor and our sister floor (3rd veenstra) during the summer.

oh, i met babs during the trip.  she was our wonderful driver and oh so nice.  driving in the snow is difficult, and she CRASHED her car…


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Variety Night

i’ll start off with a bang!  so i’m new to this blog, but im gonna bring in a lot of new stuff as well.  over time, i hope to improve this blog with new elements, but for the time being, photos will do.  so here goes!  my hall, beets-veenstra, had a variety night yesterday.  it’s pretty much a talent show with the usual guitar minstrel and piano virtuoso… EXCEPT there was a harpist.  yes, a full-size harp entertained us.  check it out for yourself!

katie with her harp that has no name.  yet.

pretty sweet eh?  (yeah, i’m canadian.  if u keep on reading this blog, you’ll discover my other nationalities.  the first to email me with my other nationalities gets a free congratulations email… that’s right, a FREE congratulations email!)

and now, more photos…


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