Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Endless E-mails

a few days ago i had conquered my inbox

i’m staring at 35 new emails in my inbox.  somehow, they crept up on me over the last two days.  despite my diligence in fighting back, trying to respond on the go with my phone and shooting back replies during meals, they still keep coming back.  that red badge with the bold white font that says 35 screams out, “i’m waiting!!  cmon cmon, you’ve got stuff to do.”  i’ve been fortunate to rub shoulders with some managers and executives at friend’s events, and i’ll often hear the same complaint.  sometimes i’ll meet them at thanksgiving dinner when a friend invites me over to hang out with his/her extended family.  other times i’ll just walk into their offices and ask for a tour.  i think the worst situation i ever saw was a roomful of law firm partners and recruiters glued to their blackberrys during a presentation, more-or-less oblivious to the consultant their company had paid thousands of dollars to.  one of my friends tells me that her dad, a company president, doesn’t like to carry his iphone with him because he can see his emails.  i’m sure his secretary/assistant has a blast trying to get in touch with him.  sure sounds glamorous… just like how the Office portrays corporate life.  not.

Posted by Nehe555 on 12/24 at 12:30 PM
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