Friday, June 19, 2009

All the Little Details

i’ve been feeling the urge to track down my thoughts, simply because i can’t remember everything anymore. but i remember this. the summer after i finished my freshman year, i went off to take two summer courses at the university of toronto. i lived on the edge of downtown surrounded by frat houses. in fact, american pie 4 was shot just a block away from my house. dozens of shipping containers turned mobile offices lined the street, and i even watched a few shoots from the street. the director would call out, “silence on the set please!” and i’d feel the urge to cough really loud. i never did though.

some of my high school classmates lived a few blocks away, and i’d visit between classes and chat about “the good ol’ days.” but i never really called those memories the good ol’ days anyway—to this day i avoid living in the past because something exciting always seems to be around the corner. life just seems to be getting better and better, and i definitely take that for granted. as we sat around someone’s apartment munching on breadsticks, we’d talk about high school romances, who liked who, and what kind of drama was developing beneath the surface. to be honest, i didn’t bring much to the conversation because i was either asking questions like, “wait, what year was that again?” or “we really did that in grade 9? shoot, i can’t remember that at all!” and it’s true—i couldn’t remember much at all.

i’ve got bad memory any way you cut it—short term memory, long-term memory, and memorization just doesn’t happen easily. so i’ve learned to rely on technology. i’ve got a program called evernote on my iphone, which basically functions as an extension of my brain. if i’m reading my textbook and i suddenly remember that i’m running out of toothpaste, out comes my iphone and i quickly tap a reminder out. need to meet my friends for a board game on friday? out comes the iphone. usually i’m quick enough and i remember my thoughts long enough to enter them into my phone. usually.

as luck would have it, i’ve now taken a project management position with Steve Robbins Group. i had a hunch that project management involved juggling many small details, but i didn’t know that i’d need to juggle so many. project A needs help finding marketing copy, the team for project B appreciates deadlines, so i’ll need to determine a deadline without the deadline being possible, project C is waiting on some key design files from team F, and ruth, george, and sally are eagerly awaiting direction on some concepts. oftentimes when i leave work at four, my brain’s still buzzing and i’d look at my aftermath of papers to sort out what really happened that day. i can write faster than i can type into my iphone, so i’ll scribble notes to myself all day. that leaves me with a pile of papers to sort through and the task of plugging everything into my timesheet. thanks to paper and technology, i’m doing ok.

you know that feeling when you pick up a sport for the first time? or maybe it’s a new video game controller. either way, you’re determined to tackle the challenge and have fun like everyone else. but every time you swing, you don’t hear that “clink” sound, and when you look at the tee, the golf ball’s still there. or you just hit the start button and select “restart race” because Mario’s last again, and the group who joined you for MarioKart isn’t interested in watching you finish the course in eighth place. it’s that feeling where you know that you could be having a blast if only you were as experienced as everyone else. if only i had picked up a golf club at five years old. if only i had a Nintendo 64 and hours to kill. some people make project management look effortless, and i’m looking forward to that day. i just need to put the hours in.

Posted by Nehe555 on 06/19 at 02:50 PM
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