Saturday, May 17, 2008

And That’s A Wrap!

summer’s here. academically, that is. the weather’s still quite cool, and we haven’t been consistently in the 80s yet. but i can’t complain, because my semester’s over!

there are a couple of strange feelings. first, it’s really difficult to finish strong. after reviewing the same material over and over again, I get so antsy that I just want to be done with it all and take the exam. however, the exam date is still 3 days away, and I can’t help but think that there could be a question on something I didn’t look at. so I keep on reviewing everything possible, because I don’t want to get lazy now and throw out all the hard work I did during the semester. it’s a struggle against the self, and I can dictate the outcome. I could just set my books down, or I could strive for my best effort. second, some of my friends are a year above me, and it’s strange hearing them talk about their last class ever. or their last essay ever. or their last exam ever. I can’t imagine being in their shoes one day and putting academics behind forever. or a least for a long while.  just yesterday my housemates and i visited the picnic for the graduates on commons lawn, eating good food and congratulating our senior friends.  there were so many people there, mostly friends and family of graduates.  i can’t imagine doing that one day.

Posted by Nehe555 on 05/17 at 10:46 AM
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