Monday, December 31, 2007

Fall Down Hill… and Repeat… and Repeat

while people gathered at my house to go sledding, a bunch of us had a prolonged snowball fight in our front yard.  before the fight, light reflected serenely off the manicured snow-covered lawn.  now it’s a mess.  we used our saucer sleds as shields, and occasionally used them to shovel snow at each other in melee combat.  eventually, everyone arrived and we packed into a truck with our sleds in the back and headed to the sledding hill!


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A Rambunctious Dinner

they seemed to like playing with my hair!

my housemate matt invited me to a dinner with his aunt and uncle out in zeeland.  he warned me in advance that their three boys would probably love my hair.  i had a wonderful time meeting the aunt and uncle, but really, the best part was playing with the three kids.  they were rambunctious boys, which was fine with me because i’m pretty rambunctious myself.  we armwrestled, played foosball, played nintendo DS, played with the dog, played played played.  i have no idea why there aren’t too many male babysitters, because i’d totally do it.  i had so much fun, and i wouldn’t mind getting paid to have that kind of fun.


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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Christmas Schbang

(L-R) kaitlyn, betsy, schmitty, luke, eric, me, tim, kara, and lisa

i love the above photo, and you should too.  for some reason, it reminds me of the intro to Friends, that popular TV show where jennifer aniston brought her hairdo, the middle straight hair part, to millions of teenage girls across america.  there’s a lot of people in that photo, but even more came later in the evening.


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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Birthday Farewell Dinner Party

(L-R) nicole, me, kathryn, andrew, matt, and glowing birthday girl

due to a snowstorm in southern ontario, matt didn’t want to drive home on saturday as planned.  instead, he and his canadian companions stayed the night before heading out on sunday afternoon.  so on saturday evening, we put together a big dinner.  i think the dinner was meant to celebrate a 19th birthday, but i suspect it was also because we had nothing better to do.  thankfully, we weren’t having a snowstorm in grand rapids, so we headed out to meijer and bought everything that we needed for dinner.  i also bought groceries for the next week because i was going to be home alone (all my housemates will be home in kalamazoo, alaska, and canada) and without a car.  we put together a splendid meal of chicken alfredo, corn and peas, garlic bread, and chocolate muffins for dessert.  there were also enough leftovers for me to eat during the week, so i wouldn’t need to cook much.  after dinner, we decided to digest by the fireplace, so matt and andrew cooked up a roaring fire while the rest of us lounged around on sofas and read magazines or slept.  i find that cooking and reading by a fire are some of the most relaxing activities in the world, so i’d say that my holidays have started out on the right foot.

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Friday, December 14, 2007

Finishing With a 3 Hour 4 Minute Bang

for 3 hours and 4 minutes, i sat in a classroom writing in a blue book knowing in the back of my mind that i could drop the pen at any moment and begin 5 weeks of holiday.  it was not an intellectually-stimulating situation.  however, i powered through my religion 309 exam, getting into a groove and writing one and a half blue books.  i felt pretty good leaving the room because i knew that i had given it my best shot: i remembered what i had studied, backed up my essays with relevant biblical references, and answered all the questions.  even if i had forgotten some stuff, it didn’t matter because i would have run out of time anyway.  in other words, i had done the best i could given the 3 hours (and 4 minutes) i had.  so now i’m DONE for the next 5 weeks.  christmas break goes for 2 weeks, then i’m taking my interim off, which is another 3 weeks.  every calvin student can take an interim off in their four-year career, and i’m doing it now.  i have no idea how it plays out in a five-year situation, which is what i’m aiming for.  maybe i’ll find out when i become a super senior!

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Discerning AIM

just thought it would be fun to show you my IM list of calvin friends and how their away messages reflect their perspective on exams.  as you can see, some of them are pretty gung-ho about the whole deal, such as lexie4425 and Ms. Klamer.  others are not so gung-ho.  just see Jessica Pyper’s and David Wolfe’s away messages.  we can also discern a trend that many believe the library to be a conducive place for studying.  ironically, if everyone thought that way and went to the library, the library would just become a hangout spot where everyone would be too busy greeting friends and asking about other’s exam loads that nobody would get anything done.

George: “So how’re your exams going?  You look stressed.”
Sally: “No duh.  I’ll be less stressed if you let me study!”
Bob: “Hey Sally!  Haven’t seen you in a while.  How’s your exam load?”
Sally: “I must study… stop talking to me…”
Katie: “Sally!  I love you!  How many exams do you have left?”
Sally: “. . .”

just a possible scenario.  now i must return to studying since i’m at the library.  and don’t even try adding my friends to your AIM list.  that’s called stalking, you creeper!

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Two Down, One To Go!

i just finished my first of two in-class final exams, and i handed in my take-home exam for my world religions class earlier today.  the last and final hurdle is my biblical theology class (REL309), which will probably take all of 3 hours (if not more) and many many blue books.  i just spoke with my REL309 prof, and as i suspected, his best advice was to “just know everything.”  that might seem ridiculous, but i’ve had him before, and he had the same philosophy.  i guess i can stress out about it if i’m trying to shoot for an A+ (pretty much impossible), but if i’m looking at it as a learning experience, everything seems much more manageable.  it’s been a fantastic class, and i’ve enjoyed learning from professor crump.  maybe as you’re reading this, you’re thinking, “oh, nehemiah’s just trying to comfort himself.”  you might be right, but don’t tell me.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Study Journal

maybe some of you wonder what academics is like at calvin.  so i tracked my studies during the pre-final crunch, which can be the toughest two weeks of the semester.  it’s a crunch because a lot of final essays and projects are due within the same week, and final exams are just around the corner.  so here goes!

November 18
it’s 9:20pm on Sunday night, and I’m feeling the temptation to slack off.  I just spent some time getting Leopard up to speed, and the new features are awesome.  Preview now incorporates features previously available exclusively on Acrobat Professional, such as Notes, so I can download full-text articles from JSTOR, which already have OCR, and I can highlight text and add notes.  I can also pull out snippets for quotes or anything along those lines.  Leopard’s streamlined features are useful for research.  I also have my study schedule mapped out on iCal until the end of Thanksgiving, and I’ll eventually have everything mapped out until the end of the semester.  That way, I’ll plan out my free time so I don’t just burn out, and I won’t always feel like I need to do something.  Mapping out free time is important!


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