Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ada Vision Center

i had a dilemma: the plastic frame of my eyeglasses broke around the lens, so the frame would no longer hold the lens in.  i tried superglue, but to no avail.  i tried searching for the frames online, but the only store selling them was located in germany, and they didn’t reply to my emails.  i was told by a local optometrist that the frames were no longer being sold, and that the American Esprit warehouse was out of stock.  so i was at a dead end.


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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Breton Village Neighborhood Association

i’m currently sitting on my front lawn with my housemates, enjoying the sunshine and feeding off the wireless internet connection from my house.  ian’s lying on the lawn next to me, and josh is juggling a soccer ball (or rather, football).  ah, the pleasures of working at home on a sunday afternoon.

yesterday afternoon, we pretty much met all our neighbors at once.  we’d been wondering how we could our neighbors, and this was the perfect opportunity.  the neighborhood association was having a potluck at the nearby elementary school, so we headed over there with our dish of thai friend shrimp (it was good stuff, one of the first dishes to be finished off), armed with smiles and conversation.  when we got there, i was surprised at how many people showed up.  i was told that our neighborhood has over 550 households, and more than 80 are in the neighborhood association.  i saw more than a few professors there, including the director of my honors program and my english 101 professor, and i also met a calvin community relations representative and some students.  it was fun getting to know the other calvin people in the neighborhood, but i was really more interested in meeting non-calvin people.  i see enough calvin people during the weekdays with classes and work, and i just need to meet some families in the area.


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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Another Crazy Start to the Semester

you’d think that with the entire summer, i’d have enough time to get all my textbooks.  nope.  every year, books arrive late, or i order duplicates, or i leave some out.  then i’ve gotta figure out my books as homework, classes, and work vie for my time.  throw in the time spent cooking meals, doing house chores, and organizing house church activities and i barely have enough time to buy books.  so i don’t, and i repeatedly buy and return books to the campus store.  better yet, i borrow them from the library, and i renew them until the end of the semester.  just a few tips i learned from my sophomore friends when i was a freshman.


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