Thursday, August 23, 2007

Record Pause Play

one of my friends, ryan nault, is in a synth duo.  last week, i went to their concert at the DAAC (division ave arts cooperative), which is one of the smaller venues in the city.  i’d never heard them before, nor had i seen them in concert, so i thought i’d bring along a video camera and film the experience.  click “read more” to watch the video.  for you readers on facebook, click on the link “view original post” above, then click “read more.”


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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Jam Sessionz

rock, hardcore, metal, acoustic, blues, electronica, pop… those were just some of the genres covered in two recent jam sessions.  the last two weeks, i’ve hosted a jam session and lugged my drumset to another one.  and about time too, now that the summer’s almost over.  music’s such a great way to hang out with people while still being productive.  there’s just something extremely stress-relieving about jamming with friends after a day at work.  and it doesn’t really matter what genre.

the first jam session had two acoustic guitars, an electric guitarist with a half-stack, and my drumset.  what ended up happening was the acoustic guitarists got drowned out as the electric guy had to crank up his amp to compensate for the drums.  it was fun, but it would’ve been more fun with more equipment.

the second jam session, one that i just came back from, had a cello, double bass, some synths, an acoustic guitar, a mandolin (i think), two electric guitarists, and me on drums.  the result?  an interesting experiment with electronica and powerpop that turned into a folk jam, which lead to a electric/cello/double-bass/drum jam, and then ended with a blues jam.  crazy stuff!

props to shane derby for driving me and my drums around, and props to evan for hosting the second jam.  also a big thanks to those who made it out to my house even though i lacked all the equipment (josh, troy, and eric).

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Coming Soon: The Chicago Travelogue

last weekend, my friend john pauley and i went to chicago to bring a friend to the airport and to take care of her car.  but not only did we bring jill to the chicago midway airport, we also brought a video camera.  this blog has been silent for a while because i’m editing 2+ hours of footage into a short travelogue, complete with the famous michigan avenue, the beautiful millenium park, and even a sweet calvin college romance.  stay tuned!

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Monday, August 06, 2007

My Roommate’s in Germany

there lies ian, facedown on the classroom table

ian, my roommate of two years and housemate for the coming year, is pretending to study in bremen, germany, right now.  he’s with several more of my friends, namely danny, tom, tim, and lindsey, and they’re all on a trip with calvin’s engineering department.  not only do engineers study hard during the school year, but the schoolwork doesn’t stop even for the summer.  hah, look at ian suffering away on that classroom table in germany.  i pity him from my dining room table in grand rapids with a finished bowl of chinese noodles.

check out his trip’s blog

i actually designed their blog because my other job is at the digital studio, which is where a lot of calvin’s weblogs are designed.  how neat is that?  i loved it when the whole group came to the digital studio before they left for germany so they could learn how to update their blog.  it was fun being a teacher for a little while.  i definitely played a music video from maroon 5 to start off since it was 9am and i knew they’d be groggy.  i know, i’d be a sweet professor.  tell calvin to hire me =)

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A Water-ful Weekend

josh pott’s is driving the boat, and he was our awesome host!

this summer, there were two big events: niagra falls, and this.  both events were being planned even before college ended.  needless to say, i had been anticipating this for a while, and when the day finally came, i was pretty excited.

saturday morning, my neighbor/ex-floormate/friend tim ferdinands, my fellow-international-student/friend david cutter, and i ran a 5k race in nearby byron center.  none of us slept really well the night before, and we had to get up around 7 since the race began at 8:30.  i hadn’t seriously run in about 4 years, and i decided to run the race purely on impulse.  my goal was to run without stopping and beat 25 minutes.


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