Sunday, July 22, 2007

This Makes Me Drool

the art of burger

who needs a grill when you have a teflon pan and an oven.  sear both sides of the meat at high heat for 30 seconds, then stick it into the 350-degree preheated oven.  after desired doneness, top burger with desired goodies.  how simple, and how tasty, is that.  a good burger is something you rarely get at the Calvin dining halls (although there are some other good foods there).

cooking for myself has been both a joy and a pain.  it’s a joy because i can master specific recipes and eat some awesome food, however the joy comes at the expense of time.  and time is not something i have a lot of usually.  buying the food, preparing the food, cooking it, eating it, and cleaning up can be a lot of work for a meal.  at the dining halls, i just walk in, fill up my plate, eat, and then leave my plates and cutlery to be washed.  that’s 30 minutes of my time (or more, if i feel like chatting with people, which usually happens).  cooking at home takes double that time.

i’m told by friends who’ve moved out of the dorms that dining hall food isn’t really appreciated until we leave it.  now, that’s a very debatable statement, but i agree that dining hall food saves time.  i appreciate that aspect of it, and i don’t find much wrong with the food.  some people enjoy complaining about dining hall food, saying that it’s plain or repititious, but maybe because i’ve had chinese food all my life, western food is a pleasant change and i haven’t gotten sick of it yet.  this is my second year of constant western food, and i’ve had 18 years of chinese food.  i guess if i went to a dining hall that served chinese food that wasn’t as good as i’m used to for years on end, i can find some things to complain about.

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Starting a House Church

i’ve forgotten how amazing the church really is.  by church, i mean the body of Christians around the world, not just the lutheran church down the street.  during the end of my last school year, i was given the opportunity to lead a house church in the calvin college neighborhood for the mars hill church.  i wasn’t the only leader, some of my friends also volunteered.  however, i was the only one in grand rapids for the summer, so i was responsible for taking on the first phase - starting the house church.

after a bunch of emails and talking to some of my friends who went to mars hill, the calvin house church had its first meeting in mid-june.  now, we’re meeting at least once a week, either to have a bible study or to volunteer and help needy people.  just hanging out with like-minded people has been amazing, and every sunday i look forward to going to the mars hill evening service with them.  people were truly meant for community, and i’m glad i can share life with my brothers and sisters in christ.


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Friday, July 06, 2007

The End of My Teenage Years

that’s it.  i’m 20 years old now, and no longer a teenager.  as i open up a new chapter to my life, i can’t help but look back on my teenage years.  i think i lived life to the fullest.  my teenage years were great, and im glad i took the risks i did.  i don’t want to look back on my life wishing that i had tried more stuff.  every time i stuck my neck out, i learned from the experience.  life flies by so quickly, i can’t waste a moment.  i’ve gotta grab life by the horns and live on the edge.

i feel like i just took a bunch of cliche quotes and strung them together into a terrible paragraph.  ah, that’s what happens when you’re trying to blog while playing wii golf.  but hey, i just got the course record with -5!

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