Saturday, June 30, 2007

Young Life Summer Camp

photos should be coming soon once my friends upload them onto facebook and tag me.  in the meantime, i’ll just write a short intro.

the camp was at lake city, michigan; home of natural and man-made lakes.  for those of you unfamiliar with young life, it’s a non-denominational, relational youth ministry at its finest (i’m biased, of course).  as a leader, i make an effort to live life with a group of high school kids throughout their high school career until they graduate.  so that usually means at least 4 years of mentoring, hanging out, challenging each other, and learning to live a meaningful, Christian life.  some high schoolers aren’t Christians, others have grown up in Christian families.  my group is mostly Christians attending Forest Hills Northern Public High School.


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Friday, June 15, 2007

Camping at Niagra Falls

before boarding the maid of the mist

how lovely, a weekend retreat with some old friends from the dorm.  i’d call it a lil dorm reunion.  we headed out friday afternoon, with some of us taking part of the day off work, and arrived at our campsite late in the evening.  then we setup our tents under the glare of our car headlights before reuniting with the other two cars.  a total of 12 people camping by niagra falls guarantees a good time.


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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Summer Fun

so my blogging neighbor, emily, just left my house.  she was over to watch a movie with my housemates and some other friends.  the italian job, fun stuff.  so i’ve moved into my house for the next couple of years (providing that all is well with our landlord), and i never knew how much of a headache moving could be.  however, i’ve got fantastic housemates, and i’m just having a blast hanging out with them.  we’re getting to know each other bit by bit, and we have commonalities such as cooking, video games, movies, tv shows, etc.  outside the house, i’ve got a lotta friends who are around for the summer, either working at calvin or living in the city.  since i also work at calvin, a bunch of us get together at noon and hang out over some yummy food from the campus cafe, johnny’s.  the stuff’s pretty good; today i had a pasta buffet.  can’t really complain about that!

tomorrow i’m heading out to niagra falls to camp for the weekend.  a bunch of my dorm friends are meeting up at niagra falls for a weekend at rock point.  i’m hoping to get some awesome photos, or at least as many as i can until my battery dies.  i haven’t been camping in a decade, so i’m really looking forward to this.

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