Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Finals Week

ah, i just handed in my last assignment for the semester.  now it’s just easy crusing until final exams.  i have only two exams for my four courses; statistics and religion.  religion’s my hardest class by far, so i’ll be allocating tons of time towards that.  actually, it’s not that hard.  it’s just a lot of information i need to retain.  the class is called history of christian theology, and it tracks theological developments from the first disciples to thomas aquinas in the late middle ages.  that’s a lot of time to cover, and a lot of theology.  needless to say, i’m a bit concerned, especially since i’m not the greatest at memorization, so i’ll need to spread my review over the next two weeks.  i’m glad the exam is next thursday.


Posted by Nehe555 on 12/05 at 08:42 PM
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