Tuesday, November 28, 2006

video: Beets-Veenstra Service Auction

all for the children, all for them…

lots of money, stupidity, and fun.  each year dorms raise funds for their service partners.  my dorm is partnered with horizons, an organization that helps special-needs kids.  the service auction features services that dorm residents put up for sale, and other residents bid for them.  for instance, my suitemates and i offered a private concert, which was bought for something like $35.  i also got a steal, buying sewing repair (including alterations) for a year for only $20!  that’s cheaper than altering shirts at the tailor’s.  as the dorm raises more and more money, dorm leadership needs to accomplish certain tasks.  for instance, every few hundred dollars, some resident assistants and the resident director eats a goldfish.  a live one.  every resident who buys a service for more than $50 gets a cream pie to throw at a dorm leader of their choice.  sounds crazy, i know, but at the end, it’s really “all for the children.”  last year our dorm raised the most money on the entire campus and established a calvin record at over $3000.  how much money did we raise this year?  watch the vid!

oh yeah, props to cory, our barnabas leader, for attempting to drink an entire gallon of milk before puking.  yeah, he did end up puking… for the children!


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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

25 Hour Film Festival

write, act, shoot, and edit: all in 25 hours.  that’s a formula for chaos at the 25 hour film festival.  calvin’s video network (CVN) hosts two of them each year, and each year it gets more and more popular.  the festival kicked off before academic advising recess, giving us a holiday to work on.  we were given a theme, a line, and a prop which we had to include in the film.  there was also a 5-minute time limit, which made it even more challenging.


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