Thursday, June 29, 2006

American Pie: The Naked Mile

for the entire summer, i’ve seen this crew filmmaking crew running all over downtown toronto.  first they set up shop outside a nearby house down the block, with lights, cranes, gels on the windows, etc.  i had no clue what was going on, nor whether it was a music video or a full-length movie.  then i see them parked outside a big field in the heart of the university of toronto, setting up a concert stage for a mock concert.  i also see these really old-school cop cars parked next to the field.  i walked by all the trailers where the stars stayed and the portable makeup studios, and my best guess was that a music video was being shot.  a mock concert probably means a music video right?


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Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Sunset Blues Commentary

the whole point of the video was to inspire youth to utilize media in Christian ministry.  the video was made with materials that could be found around the house, such as skateboards and desklamps, and the software i used was all free.  my main editing program was Avid FreeDV, and for some particular effects, i used iMovie (which isn’t free, but Windows Movie Maker is).  all the DIY equipment and free software was used to tell the youth, “You can do it too!”  so on to some more light-hearted stuff, such as what went on in the shoot.


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video: The Sunset Blues (short film)

some friends and i shot this to promote a media workshop that i’ll be hosting at a chinese church in Toronto.  the goal was to create an impressive video with some makeshift equipment, namely skateboards, microphone boom stands, and even a 60 watt desklamp holding a 250 watt bulb.  it was quite an adventure, with rushed shots because the sunset was going away, and lack of power because nearby power outlets didn’t work.  near the end, we had to switch to our other video camera, which was shooting behind-the-scenes footage.  but we got it done, and after a day of editing, this 2-minute short is up and running.  enjoy!


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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Oilers Stay for Another Game

Oilers win game 5!

So this is how superstitions are created… the Oilers score a shorthanded goal in overtime to win, 4-3.  they will return to Edmonton for game 6, still continuing to fight for their survival.  man, i should be a sportswriter!

i felt so old school listening to the game on the radio because my TV reception was too bad to watch anything.  of course, it wasn’t really the radio, it was internet radio, which is old school enough.  i could identify with the people in the great depression huddled around their cabinet radios listening to some music or an address from the president.  it was kinda neat!

gotta get back to watching the post-game press conference.

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Go Oilers

this post is dedicated to helping the oilers win game 5.  i believe that by posting here, i will open up telephathic pathways to the hockey gods and be able to tap into their power to enable victory.


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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Scottish Celeidh (sans alcohol)

traditionally, a celeidh involves lots of drinking.  but this was a church fundraiser

last saturday, i visited my friend jim chen’s new church, and they were hosting a scottish celeidh with a jamaican twist to raise money for an upcoming youth mission trip.  boy, was i in for a treat!  first, jim lent me his canon rebel xt digital SLR camera to use, so i got some really awesome shots.  second, i was free to shoot the entire event, so i got some sweet pics for my portfolio.  third, i got free food.  fourth, i met some really cool youth.  oh yeah, and fifth, i got to see a chinese guy wearing a kilt!


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