Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Best Video: Airband 2006

click the image above and then select video to view the clip

i’m very proud and pleased to say that my group’s entry into Airband 2006 garnered the Best Video Award!  props to ian and dan for pulling off a stunning editing job despite being under a time crunch.  we get the $100 cash prize, and we’re planning to save it for future projects.

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Friday, February 17, 2006

Driving, Videos, and Broken Ankles

once again, a lot has happened since my last post.  first, i got a driver’s permit!  that’s right, i can now drive, but only with a licensed adult.  now i’m one step closer to transportation bliss.  second, my roommate and i rearranged our room.  now we have space for some small loveseats.  we’re looking at some couches in nearby holland and we’re hoping to check them out this weekend.  third . . .


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Q & A on Where I’m From

Q.  Where are you from?

A.  I think every third-culture or multi-culture kid struggles with answering this question.  Sometimes I say I’m from Hong Kong, other times from Canada, and occasionally California.  You see, I was born in California on independence day.  A year later, my family moved to Macau, which is a small island by Hong Kong.  Two years later, we went to Canada.  That’s where I spent my grade school years, and that’s also where I picked up my English.  I think Canada had the biggest role in shaping me into who I am today.  I lived in Toronto for five years, and then I moved to a small town in Alberta called Medicine Hat for two.  After that, I was off to Hong Kong where I spent eight years adjusting to a new culture.  I attended an international school based on the Canadian curriculum because my Chinese was too poor.  There was no way I could adjust to the local school system in time.  Then just recently, I came to Calvin.  So now I’m back from where I started!  That’s a really long answer for a simple question.  Now you know why third/multi-cultural kids grin whenever you ask :-)


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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Semester Two Starts!

how i wish i could find time to play again… well, it’s been a CRAZY start to my second semester.  it’s only by God’s grace that i’m still up to speed in all my classes.  some poor planning made my first two weeks a bit hectic, but i’ve finally gotten some time to blog.  intramural basketball, textbook problems, young life, and my new love, bramble.  there’s a lot to write about, so read on!


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