Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Sun returns to Calvin College.

This past winter was my first one spent in the North.  Every morning when I woke up I would check the weather report.  Usually the weather service would forcast a “wintery mix.”  This is a deceptive Michigan euphemism for snow, sleet, ice, and really really cold weather.  I hope that I don’t sound bitter, it’s just that I am a Southern boy, and my body isn’t as conditioned for the cold as most Michiganders.  But now Spring has finally come and I wake up to sunlight streaming through my window every morning!  The Sun has come out, and with it so have Calvin’s students.

Yesterday, everybody seemed to be outside; tossing frisbees and pigskins, throwing around lacrosse balls and just generally hanging out.  As soon as I finished my video production class at DeVos and had a scrumptious meal of grilled cheese sandwiches at Uppercrest, I raced out to join them.  My friends Lauren, Lisa, Henry, Bart, Erin, Doug, Ben, and I decided to have a pick-up game of soccer in the lawn right next to the sand volleyball court.  It was great fun!  The ground was muddy and players were sliding around laughing, every once in the while kicking a soccer ball.  In order not to get my spiffy Velcro shoes dirty, I decided to play barefoot.  By the end of the game, my feet made me look like I had been hanging out with some Hobbits all day.

After, our game ended, I went to my FIT class, took a brief power nap, and then went to dinner.  At dinner, my roomate-to-be, Jerel, told me that some guys were getting together to play another soccer game.  I knew I should probably get some studying in for my business test the next day, but once again the beautiful sunlight seduced me, and I was off to play some futbal.  After the game, my procrastination began to catch up on me.  There was an “Explosions in the Sky” concert that night in the Fine Arts Center (If you haven’t heard of this band, I strongly recommend them as great study music) but I knew that if I went to the concert, I would have a really late night of studying, which certainly isn’t good before an exam.  So I made the trip to the library, found a quiet corner, put on some “Explosions in the Sky” (ironic that I was listening to them on my computer, while they were performing live not a quarter of a mile away) and buried my nose in my Business book. 

My friends later told me that it was a pretty awesome concert (Calvin does a good job of finding cool bands) but I was glad I had got some studying in.  I also practice studying by osmosis, which means the night before an exam, I put my books under my pillow in a hope that maybe some of their wisdom will seep into my brain overnight.  As I fell sleep, my head slightly more elevated from the business book under my pillow, I reflected on how it was a good day of sunlight, soccer, and studying.

Posted by Joe Sonheim on 04/03 at 01:32 PM

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