Thursday, January 22, 2009

The New Gym

For Christmas I got a couple of books, gift cards, and some wool socks.  Calvin got a beautiful new gymnasium!


As you can see the new courts are flippin sweet and the opening basketball games played there were packed with spirited fans, all cheering in maroon T-shirts.  Another great improvement is the new weight rooms.  The old ones that we had to use last year were very small and always smelled like week-old sweat. Just reminiscing makes me want to take a couple showers! These new weight rooms have state-of-the-art equipment and no matter how many students are in there working on their bikini bodies there always seems to be enough room.

In my opinion, the best new feature of the gym is the climbing wall.  Here is a picture taken from the webcam.  Keep in mind that the wall extends downwards to the ground floor about another five feet or so as well as stretching out horizontally another couple feet on both sides.


I had the opportunity to go a check it out yesterday as part of my dorm’s leadership committee.  I can safely say that it was the best rock wall I have ever climbed! The first time I scaled it, I tried to imitate my long-time idol (Spider-man) and hopped up from rock to rock. I didn’t realize the effort it took to ascend such a behemoth of a wall and halfway up my second attempt I felt like my forearms had been hit by that Harry Potter spell that turns your bones into jelly.  I had to take a break and rest before trying to move upward again.  I then gracefully slipped and fell down a couple feet before being caught by my very adept belayer, Kayla.
I hear that a climbing pass for the entire semester costs a mere 10 bucks!  That is a steal!

But wait, it gets even better! (I kinda feel like an infomercial at this point.) The new Aquatics center has opened to the public for the next three days!  Yeah, swimmings cool, but the thing I most look forward to is bouncing on the diving boards. I cannot wait to go flip off the three meter platform and have belly-flop contests with my friends!

Posted by Joe Sonheim on 01/22 at 11:42 AM

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