Thursday, December 04, 2008


Thanksgiving is the time of year in the Sonheim family where we all migrate to Springfield Missouri to see my mom’s side of the family.  This year was an especially fun one, and despite the fact that I had to write TWO papers for my history of theology class, I still managed to thouroughly enjoy myself.
I was picked up from the airport on Wednesday night.  The very next morning my brother and I and three of our cousins ran in a five kilometer “Turkey Trot” race.  It is something of a tradition for my brother and I to talk about how we just want to “jog” and not really try to race each other, yet as soon as the gun blasts, brotherly competition kicks in and we kick in.  So far I have been able to maintain my superior status and beat Will in the past two years.  This year I extended my winning streak, pushing past him and a man dressed as a pilgrim on the final hill.  Here is a picture of us post-trot.  I believe Will was doing his Andy Sandberg (the comedian from SNL) impersonation and I was doing my impersonation of being cool.


Thanksgiving dinner was very scrumptious and I didn’t feel so guilty for gorging myself in light of my calorie burning run only a couple of hours earlier.  It was also really good to see my family.  My grandparents, Mama Nancy and Papa Joe, are very loving and generous people who delight in feeding their grandchildren the healthiest of foods.  While as a child I didn’t enjoy being force-fed asparagus and cod liver oil, i have now developed somewhat a taste (or resilience) for these vitamin-enriched foods. My cousins are also a blast to be around.  We played the board game Balderdash on Friday night and they came up with some of the most hilarious and creative lies I have ever heard!
Unfortunately, my weekend was not entirely blissful.  I had to write TWO six page papers for my history of theology class! 
When, it came time for me to depart on Sunday, disaster struck! My flight got cancelled to O’Hare and I was left stranded in Missouri.  After exploring a multitude of options I decided to catch a plane the next day.  But the airline assistant I talked to over the phone never put me in the system so I didn’t have a ticket for that day!  I just barely made it on a flight via Detroit. I was literally got the last seat on the plane. Also, in both times I flew over Thanksgiving break I was selected for the random security check!  Yet against all odds (and after a couple friskings) I did manage to make it back to grand rapids late Monday night.

On a totally unrelated subject, I was able to fulfill a life-long dream a couple weeks ago before it started snowing.  I have always dreamed of cruising around on a moped; heck I even bought a shiny red helmet last year in preparation for this future goal!  Motorcycles seem uncomfortable and cars are just too stuffy, but the moped seems to be the best way to travel.  My friend Hilary let me ride her vintage moped around in some neighborhoods. It was amazing! I plan on telling my grandchildren.


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