Thursday, October 09, 2008

How to Get a Date

Calvin is renowned across the country for its great academics and successful sports teams, but ecspecially for its large selection of beautiful students.  This is a true fact.  Calvin has loads of good-lookers!  So, I can probably guess what you are thinking right now, “Wow Joe, you’re right.  There are some very georgous guys and girls here!  But, how do I go about meeting these lovely people?”  Well, you are reading the right blog, my friend.  I happen to be the assistant to the activities coordinator on Third VanderWerp Hall (its a very high-ranking job, I promise) and together the AC and I organize floor dates with girl’s floors in both Noordewier (our sister dorm) and other dorms as well.  Basically these floor dates are opportunities to meet beautiful people under the pretense of having a great time doing fun and affordable activities!  Below is a somewhat hazy picture of a recent trip to Reed’s Lake and Jersey Junction with the ladies of second Timmer.

The date with Second Timmer was a blast, but it stood in no comparison to the oodles of fun dished out this past weekend in a dorm date with Schultze-Eldersveld!  This past Saturday night, the combined forces of SE and NVW pooled into cars and made their way over to the Woodland skating arena.  At first I was relunctant to go.  I feel like ever since I came to Calvin, I go rollerskating all the time.  But, each new time is a good time, plus my mom got me some really nifty new rollerblades for my birthday this summer (I love her.)  However, there was an interesting catch to this wheeled adventure.  In order to get the discounted admission price, everyone had to dress up like it was the year 3000!  image 

This happened to work out perfectly for me because have a astronaut uniform.  Well, not really….actually my Grandpa used to run marathons in his younger years and his running suit happens to look like it was designed by NASA.  But, hey at least I didn’t do something silly like tape aluminum foil to my head. 

I had a great time skating with the cool chicos of SE and got to meet a lot of interesting people.  For those of you that are avid readers of mine, you will probably know that I am not the world’s best skater and did have a couple tumbles, however I did finish second (to last) in a race.
So never fear about meeting the beautiful people that frequent the pathways of Calvin College, because there are plenty of opportunities to do so!

Posted by Joe Sonheim on 10/09 at 06:50 PM

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