Friday, February 27, 2009


This past Friday was Airband!  Airband is a timeless Calvin tradition in which students lip-sync to a medley of their favorite songs.  Last year I was a swing dancer in a High School Musical performance. This year I was one of the hosts!

I did not put much preparation into my hosting position.  I just drank an energy drink, put on my best pair of leather pants, and hoped for the best.  My good friend Kristen and I were assigned to the positions of “backstage hosts.”  We would hang out backstage and wait for the different bands to finish their acts and then interview them about their performances.  Needless to say, the organization for the show was pretty loose and most of the time I had no idea about what was going on or what was coming up. At the end of the show we had about five minutes or so to kill while the judges calculated the scores. So Kristen and I were pushed out on stage in front of hundreds of people and told to stall. It was a bit nerve-wracking, but I did my best to follow the example of my favorite New Zealand folk band (The Flight of the Conchords) and banter away the time. I believe it went ok.  Nobody threw tomatoes, at least.

As far as the performances went, we had some quality bands this year.  There were the “Newsies” who had fabulous choreography and very authentic constumes.  They wound up taking the first place prize. Then there was the crowd pleasing “Wonderboys.”  This all Korean boy band thrilled the audience with their crazy/cool dance moves and won the opportunity to perform twice by taking home the People’s Choice award.

“The Newsies”

“The Wonderboyz”


The Hosts

Posted by Joe Sonheim on 02/27 at 12:42 AM

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