Tuesday, April 08, 2008

80’s Roller Skating

This weekend I had a blast in a party from the past.  My dorm combined with BHT to host a roller skating party at the Woodland Mall roller rink.  But not just any roller-skating extravaganza, this one had skaters with teased hair, mohawks, and short shorts.  It was an 80’s roller skating party that would have made any punk rocker proud.


I was going for the “Beastie Boys” look with my costume.  I was sporting the aviators, backwards ski goggles, warm-up jacket, and Air Force One’s.  I just threw in the short shorts as an extra bonus. The best costume by far, however, was the one worn by my friend Blake Jurgens.  He went as Billy Idol and had an excellent combination of jeans and metal chains.
When we arrived at the skating rink, we immediately rented our skates and headed out onto the circular floor bathed in the rotating, multicolored lights of the disco balls.  While we were skating, they played some great dance tunes and that I unfortunately made the mistake of trying to dance to while skating.  A few falls later, I decided to stop trying to multi-task.
After a couple laps around the rink, the games began.  Everybody danced to the classics like “the electric slide” and “the chicken dance.”  Then it was time for the races.  My floor, Second VanderWerp was matched up against the boys that live above us.  The guys lined up, were given the “go” command, and zoomed off around the track.  I managed to finish second (...to last.)  Then there was the ever romantic couples skate and, before you knew it, it was time to leave.
Afterwords some of us went to Steak’n'Shake for some much needed hydration.  I happily discovered five dollars in my pocket (one of the greatest feelings ever for a poor college student) and indulged myself with a delicious strawberry banana milkshake.  The other patrons of Steak’n'Shake had barely concealed smiles aimed towards our goofy outfits, but we were to busy laughing and having a good time to notice.  What a great night!

Posted by Joe Sonheim on 04/08 at 01:28 PM

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