Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Language of Jazz

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending an excellent January series. I went to what I thought would be a lecture on Jazz and it turned out to be a forty-five minute jam session with the Xavier Davis Trio.  Mr. Davis would talk about the dynamics of communicating through music and answer questions betweeen numbers. 


I hadn’t ever been to a Jazz concert before and this was an eye-opener. Listening to great music is a pleasure in itself, but to actually watch it being performed was spectacular!  Mr. Davis was on the piano, his brother was rocking the drums, and a friend from Germany was plugging away on the bass violin.  Mr. Davis was a very happy and rapid pianist.  His fingers danced up and down the grand piano so quickly it made me wonder how he managed to hit all the right notes.  The best part, however was when the bass violinist had a solo.  The piano music would dim and the drummer would go to work tapping on the high hat.  Then the bassist would start strumming away in low beautiful tones.  His hands looked like he was a very indecisive catcher, rapidly changing his calls for different pitches!

My friend, Paul “Big Poppa” Mcmorrow and I were just sitting in the audience bobbing our heads to the beat.  As I looked out over the crowd of mostly gray and white heads, I noticed that many of them were grooving just like us.  The January Series is a very prestigous series of lectures and should be taken advantage of.  Sure, every once in a while you’ll get soporific speaker that’ll leave you yawning, but the majority of the time the talks come from facinating and opinionated individuals that give intriguing messages.

Posted by Joe Sonheim on 01/27 at 08:03 PM

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The New Gym

For Christmas I got a couple of books, gift cards, and some wool socks.  Calvin got a beautiful new gymnasium!


As you can see the new courts are flippin sweet and the opening basketball games played there were packed with spirited fans, all cheering in maroon T-shirts.  Another great improvement is the new weight rooms.  The old ones that we had to use last year were very small and always smelled like week-old sweat. Just reminiscing makes me want to take a couple showers! These new weight rooms have state-of-the-art equipment and no matter how many students are in there working on their bikini bodies there always seems to be enough room.


Posted by Joe Sonheim on 01/22 at 11:42 AM
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